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TimeXtender SaaS Portal SLA

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is between TimeXtender and all users of the TimeXtender SaaS portal. The SLA covers the responsibility of TimeXtender for maintaining the quality and availability of the TimeXtender SaaS portal. 

Availability of services
The TimeXtender SaaS portal runs in the cloud and depends on various cloud services to run and function as expected. Incidents can happen and we do our very best to mitigate any possible downtime of the services.
Our target availability is to have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% of the TimeXtender SaaS portal. The metrics used to determine the availability of the service are 1) resource availability and 2) response time. 
The current status and availability of the SaaS portal can be viewed and monitored at https://status.timextender.com/
Additionally any incidents or scheduled maintenance that can affect the availability of the service can be seen there.

Exceptions and limitations
TimeXtender is not liable in any circumstances where the downtime or availability of the SaaS portal causes an end-user impact. A scheduled maintenance window can be needed to perform routine maintenance and upgrades. Those will always be announced on the statuspage in advance. 
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