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Certification Exam Study Guide

Note: There is an updated version of this article, which applies to the next generation of TimeXtender.

Solutions Architect Badge The Solution Architect exam and associated certification is a capstone in the TimeXtender user's learning path and a mark of distinction in designing enterprise grade solutions with the platform. 

The exam is administered online, closed-book, limited to 75-minutes and consists of 55-60 multiple-choice & matching questions. The questions cover all areas of TimeXtender topics gathered from the training courses, knowledge base, and practical experience.  A score >= 80% is required to pass and obtain a certificate.

After successfully passing the certification exam, students will receive a certificate (also maintained in our database) and a badge that can be shared on social media, like other industry standard certification exams.


As a result of TimeXtender training, you will gain broad knowledge of modern cloud technologies and in-depth nuances of building a complete enterprise solution. A successful Solution Architect will be confident in their ability to implement and develop on-prem, hybrid, or purely cloud (Azure) data solutions with TimeXtender. In all, you will gain:

  • Increased value and mobility within your organization and the wider industry
  • Deepened knowledge of BI and analytics technologies and techniques
  • Increased confidence in your ability to deliver modern analytics solutions
  • Added industry relevant skills & credentials to a resume or LinkedIn profile

Learning Path - Study Materials

Online Training

The best place to get started preparing for the exam is the TimeXtender Online Training. The courses provide reading, video guides, and exercises for you to work with the platform. To pass the exam, you will need to have thoroughly reviewed all the content presented in the training. 


Knowledge Base

Review Support.TimeXtender.com, especially the Knowledge Base. Explore FAQ articles in detail:

Practical Experience

Hands-on experience using TimeXtender to implement and support a modern data warehouse (at least a few weeks working exposure).  This includes the following:

  • Given a typical scenario/ use case/ business and technical goals, how would you design,  implement, troubleshoot and support your Data Warehouse using TimeXtender? 
  • Basic concepts of Azure databases and Azure Portal resources
  • All phases of ETL process and sub-systems implementation in a TimeXtender project
  • TimeXtender UI menus and options, folders used, file locations
  • Setup, Upgrade and common data management tasks
  • Reference Architecture and "How To Implement" scenarios

Register to take the exam

Once you’re ready to take the exam, click here to register.

Sample Questions:

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