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How to open a previous version of a project


When you open a project, the default version is always the latest saved version of the project. To open a previous version of a project, follow the steps below.

Step by step

1. Click on the File->Open menu item. Or, use the shortcut key CTRL+O. This will show the Open project dialog as shown below.


2. (optional) If you have multiple projects, select a project in the project drop-down list.

3. To select a previous project version, click "Select Version". This will show a list of previous versions of the project as shown below.


4. Select a version and click the OK button. This will return you to the project open dialog, with the selected version shown.

5. Click the OK button to open this version of the project.

Best Practices

  • Periodically backup your TimeXtender Repository database which contains all your projects and their versions.
  • Write a descriptive Version note for project versions, especially after reaching major milestones in design. This may help restore or revert-back to a working configuration when needed.


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