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Why am I missing context menu options?

Note:  This is an old article, citing an issue with legacy systems or providers. Some troubleshooting tips may still be applicable to newer versions.  However, this article has not been tested with newer releases after 2016.

When I right-click an object in timeXtender, I an missing some menu options such as pre and post scripts, custom data and truncation settings.

With timeXtender 4.5 we introduced an option to show or hide advanced features such as the ones mentioned above. By default this option does not show advanced features.

To enable the display of advanced features, follow these steps

  1. Tools tab in the ribbon menu.
  2. Click the Window and Menu settings menu item.

    This will show the window settings dialog as shown below

  3. Select the Yes option in the Show Advanced Features drop-down list. Then click the OK button.

Please be aware that this option is configured per user.

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