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Where can I find the keyboard shortcuts on objects?

Note: This is an old article.  However, these tips may still apply to newer versions.  

In TX DWA, as in almost any other application, using keyboard shortcuts and access keys is much faster than relying solely on the mouse.

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts available for some of the most used commands. You can find the keyboard shortcuts available for an object in the shortcut/right-click/context menu.

To show the shortcut/right-click/context menu on a selected object in TX DWA

  • Press the menu key
    - OR - 
  • Press Shift+F10
    - OR - 
  • Right-click the object


In addition to keyboard shortcuts, some menu items have an access key available that you can invoke by pressing the key when the shortcut menu is up.

To show the shortcut menu and access keys on a selected object in TX DWA

  • Press ALT and then the menu key
  • Press ALT+SHIFT, let go of ALT, then press F10


Note than even when the access keys are not visible, they will still work.

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