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Note: Perspectives apply to SSAS Tabular endpoints only.

Semantic models can contain a lot of tables, fields and measures. That can make them very complex for users of analysis and visualization tools, who might only need to interact with a small part of the model to get the data they require. Perspectives are a subset of the objects in the model that users of PowerBI and other front-end tools can apply to make it easier to work with the model.

Adding a Perspective

To add a perspective, follow the steps below.

  1. Right click a semantic model and click Manage Perspectives .
  2. Click Add. A new column is added to the grid with the name “Perspective”. To edit the name, click the name and click Rename or double-click the name. Click outside the field when you have finished typing.
  3. Select the tables and/or fields you want to include in your perspectives using the check boxes. All tables and fields in the model are listed in the first column of the grid. Click the +/-next to a table to show/hide fields.
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