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Provider options to connect TimeXtender to a SQL Server Data Source

As new features, use cases and data types become available for a data source, new providers and methods are introduced to connect and extract data.  This article covers various options (CDS, ADO, ADF, SQLOLEDB, ODBC) to connect to a SQL Server data source, describing the pros and cons of those options in a TimeXtender project.

CDS (Custom Data Source) provider for SQL

This is a custom provider created by the TimeXtender team. It uses the ADO.net (SQLNCLI) provider underneath, however has some improved logic which makes it easier to use with TimeXtender.

ADF (Azure Data Factory)

Recommended for large data transfer and when your Data Warehouse is on Azure.


This is a good working provider, but the CDS (Custom Data Source) provider for SQL is recommended over this. 


The SQLOLEDB provider is old.  you may experience some issues with DateTime2 data type.


This is too old.  While it still works, you may want to use CDS or ADO provider.
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