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Cloud Environments and Client Secrets

Note: This article only applies to the Portal for TimeXtender v. 20 or older

The ODX stores metadata about data storage, data sources, and tasks as well as logging in the Azure cloud. To access the cloud environment, you need to provide a client secret when you set up the ODX service. Partners have access to their customers' client secrets in addition to their own.

Environments come in two flavors - production and sandbox. As the name implies, production environments are for the solution that delivers the actual data and reports to the business. Sandbox environments are for testing data sources and settings without impacting the business. They work just like production environments with the exception that you cannot run scheduled tasks in a sandbox.

Viewing Environments and Client Secrets 

To see a list of your company's environments and associated secrets, navigate to the Environment > Environments page. You can click the client secret to copy it to the clipboard and click  Show to unmask the client secret.

Adding an Environment

If you have the Environment Admin permission, you can add environments. The number of environments you can add depends on your license.

To add an environment

  • Click Add on the Production environments or Sandbox environments list.

Note: The button is disabled if you have all the environments your company is allowed.

Naming an Environment

The environment is created when an ODX service connects to it for the first time. Once that has happened, you can give the environment a name if you have the Environment Admin permission. The name is currently only displayed in the Portal.

To name an environment

  • Click  Edit, type a name in the modal that appears and then click Update.

Regenerating a Client Secret

For security reasons, you can regenerate a client secret if you have the Environment Admin permission. If you regenerate a client secret, any running ODX services that use the secret will be unable to connect to the environment. 

To regenerate a secret

  • Click  Regenerate Secret and confirm by clicking Generate in the modal that appears.


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