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Introduction to the Portal

The TimeXtender Portal is the entry point to your TimeXtender data estate. We have two versions of the Portal depending on the version of TimeXtender you're using.


If you are using TimeXtender (current version)



In the TimeXtender Portal you can manage your TimeXtender data estate. This includes adding instances, adding data source connections, and managing user access. Each instance you have uses credits in a consumption-based pricing model and you can keep tabs on your usage in the Portal. If you are a partner, you can also manage your customers and see their usage.


If you are using TimeXtender v. 20 or older


Portal sign-in page

In the TimeXtender Portal for v. 20 or older you can connect with your TimeXtender solution, manage your ODX, and view your license status. If you are a partner, you can also view and manage licenses for your customers.

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