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Missing CData providers after Upgrade

Note: There is an updated version of this article, which applies to the next generation of TimeXtender.

This article applies to 20.5.x - 20.10.x of TimeXtender.


After upgrade to version 20.5.x of TimeXtender, your existing project is unable to use previously installed CData providers.


Due to the product name change, new folder paths are created after upgrade.  As a result, existing CData providers are not detected from previous install on the same machine.

Old Path:         C:\ProgramData\Discovery Hub\Discovery Hub\CData Components

New Path:       C:\ProgramData\TimeXtender\TimeXtender\CData Components


  • Manually copy (or move) the folder content from Old Path to New Path (as shown above).


  • Download the missing components again. 

            Go to Tools -> Manage CData Providers -> Add to re-download the drivers.


The providers installed from Tools -> Manage CData providers are installed in the folder below.  Those are used in a Business Unit data source.

C:\ProgramData\TimeXtender\TimeXtender\CData Components\ 

The providers installed from ODX Data Sources -> Manage Data Source providers include both CData and TimeXtender providers.  Those are installed in the folder below, and are used in an ODX data source.

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