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Understanding deployment of tables and views in TX

With TX 2012 comes three different a new way to select tables and views for deployment


When you select Deploy or Deploy and Execute at project level, all tables and views are selected for deployment. Unless you deselect individual objects, they will all go through the deployment process which may include a lengthly compare and update as per below.

When you select the  Deploy modified Tables and Views or  Deploy and Execute modified Tables and Views only changed tables and views are selected for deployment. This is the fastest way to deploy, as it only compares the actual changed tables and views with the physical instances on SQL Server


If the table has incremental load, history or partitions enabled

The table will be compared with the current physical table on SQL Server to identify any differences, and the table will be updated to the new definition. This may include adding, removing or changing fields, indexes etc.. Please be aware that this compare and update process can take several minutes for large tables.

To avoid unnecessary wait for unchanged objects, please consider using the Deploy modified Tables and Views option.

A modified table with history or incremental load enabled, will be forced into the next deployment to ensure consistency with the project version.

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