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How to change a MySQL ODBC type data source to a Any Source ADO MySQL data source

Sometimes you want to change a data source from one type to another, while it is being used. Below is the most common ways to achieve this.

Change a MySQL ODBC connector to a Any Source MySQL ADO connection

If you use a MySQL through ODBC, a guide in how to set it up is here. Also before you do the change you need to install the MySQL .Net provider. You can see how here.

Before you do this you have to remember that since there is big changes in the setup between the two types, your selected fields will be removed when you resynchronize.

To change its data type to a Any Source ADO.Net, start by right clicking on the ODBC MySQL data source, finding change provider and clicking on Change to Any Source ADO.Net.


Set up the data source like it is explained in the guide. It should look like in the pictures below.


Its a `by the way.


When this is done resynchronize with the data source. This will remove all selected fields from the data source.




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