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Business Function Library

Attached to this post you will find the latest version of the Business Function Library, a few documents describing how to use advanced functions and a repository that shows them implemented in sample projects.

Please note that the attached files are provided as-is and with no guarantee that they will receive updates or work in all future versions of the software.

Please post below if you have suggestions for new functions in the library.

Currently the library contains the following Functions:

  • Calculations
    • Division
  • Currency
    • Measure in reporting currency
  • Dimension
    • Average of children
    • Average if children with leaf
    • Relative Dimension Contribution
  • Inventory
    • Average Inventory
    • Average Inventory Days
    • Costs of Goods Sold
    • Inventory Turns
  • Opening and closing balances
    • All Periods
    • Closing
    • Opening
  • Percent
    • Percent for Columns (dimension independant)
    • Percent for Rows (dimension endependant)
    • Percent of Total
  • Time Based
    • Active records (Subscriptions etc)
    • Earlier Period
    • Parallel Period (Same month previous year etc)
    • Period Growth
    • Periods to Date (YTD, QTD, MTD etc)
    • Remainder of Year (Opposite of YTD)
    • Rolling 12 Months
    • Running Total
    • YTD
  • Utility Dimensions
    • Current and Previous Date Periods
    • Current Date Periods
    • TimeCalculations
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    Permanently deleted user

    Update 2012-07-16: New example projects - for version 12.4.8.x has been uploaded. If you are using a later version, please request an upgrade of the projects or download the txProjectRepositoryBF_SQL2008R2.zip file which contains a SQL Server 2008 R2 backup of a repository containing all 3 example projects.

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    Dirk Westdorp

    I'd like to suggest to change the BF Inventory Turns into:

    iif(Average Inventory for the Period=null,null,
    Cost of Goods Sold / Average Inventory for the Period)

    Maybe also check with a nested iif for 0 value for Average Inventory.

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    Mikhail Onqa

    Are there any updated business functions for 12.9.9?

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    Permanently deleted user

    The Business Function Library is TX version independent and can be used on any version.

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    Mark Chinsky


    I ran into the same issue.  It should check for null like most of the others.  It also needs to check for 0 inventory.

    I used this:

    IsEmpty([Measures].[Average Inventory]) or [Measures].[Average Inventory]=0,null,

    [Measures].[Cost on Hand] / [Measures].[Average Inventory]

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    Hansen, Mikkel Hecht DK - NOH

    Is the document TimeCalculations.docx still correct if we are on version


    I cannot get the script to work . I get this error:

    "Invalid object name 'Time Calculations_R'."


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