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Remote Control

Remote Control is a small system tray application that enables you do a remote execution of a project without the need to install the full client.

We have two versions of Remote Control available for download. Choose the one that matches your version of the TimeXtender platform. Remote Control works with both the 32- and 64-bit versions of the software.

  • Remote Control 4.5: timeXtender 4.5, tX2012, TX2014, TX DWA up to 16.7.3
  • Remote Control 4.6: TX DWA 16.8.4 and above

Remote Control utilizes the multiple environment deployment feature, thus you need to have this feature as part of your license and have a configured server service running. Learn more about setting up Remote Control in this article.

The application is provided as-is. Feel free to use it, but do not expect the product to receive new features or improvements.

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