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How to grant Launch and Activation SSIS premissions on Azure AD

If you want to give a AzureAD user account rights on a sql server you will find it difficult to add, compared to normal. 

How to add the AzureAD user to the SQL Server

If you try to add it, it might look something like this.


And when you search for the user, you get nothing as well.

What you do is simply write the user account name into the Login Name field and press OK. Watch the video to see how.

Add AzureAD user

Afterwards you can add the server roles and User Mapping like you normally would.

How to give the AzureAD user rights on the Analysis Server

You also have a Cube, or Tabular model and immediately you have an issue, because the trick that worked before, is not possible.


As you can see there is an add button and if you write your azureAD user the same way, it will not allow this and give the following error.


What you need to do, is to add a user group that the user automatically is part of. One user group that has this is called Interactive. So use that and it will work.

How to give the AzureAD SSIS permissions

Here again you cant use the same trick as in the first section, but you can user the Interactive user group again. Watch the video to see how.

Give AzureAD SSIS permissions

I know i used Interaktiv instead, but that is a language issue.

Following this you need to restart the SQL Server Integration Services service.

That is it. Now your AzureAD user account have the same rights as the standard AD user.

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