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Partner Sales Onboarding Path

Welcome to the TimeXtender Family!

Together with you we will combine our efforts and knowledge to get the optimal results. You have made your way to the Sales Onboarding path where you will find everything that is relevant for you to achieve the most with your sales efforts.

We, at TimeXtender, succeed when our partners succeed and that is why we need to have a successful sales approach. We see the sales team as the hunters of the company and this path is where the hunters get equipped with the right tools and knowledge to have a rewarding hunt.

Everything you need to know about your Sales Onboarding should be found in this document, but if you need any more info, just reach out and we will help you in any way we can.

Partner introduction Kick-off session

We want you to know where you are heading and see the end goal and therefore, we will have a kick-off meeting to realize where we are and where we intend to go. We want you to flourish in our partner program and in selling TimeXtender and the introduction meeting is the first step.

This kick-off call is meant for you to realize the tremendous sales, marketing, and technical resources that TimeXtender has to offer and our approach of supplying it to you.

Your TimeXtender Alliance Director will arrange this meeting. 


Sales onboarding track

(see Marketing Onboarding [here] – See Technical Onboarding [here] )

We strongly believe that in order to build a strong sales onboarding we need to know each other and especially the ones that would work the closest together. To align our knowledge and efforts meeting with the people in charge of the partnerships to give an overview of the next steps in an optimal manner.

Mastering a Sales Presentation & Strategic Narrative

Together with Marketing we will find a narrative that brings out our shared purposes in a professional and humble way. In order to tell our story and share the brilliance of TimeXtender our partner need to be equipped with the right content along with the right focus on graphics and distribution.

On-demand Sales Training

The TimeXtender On-demand Sales training takes you through the messaging and narrative about TimeXtender, as well as through the relevant presentation for your customers. It concludes of interesting learnings such as: 

  • Sales Enablement Overview => Value Proposition, ideal customer, Personas etc.
  • TimeXtender Elevator Pitch => The 30 second pitch about TimeXtender
  • TimeXtender Overview Presentation => The default presentation for your sales presentation to your customers.
  • TX Strategic Narrative => Understand the strategic narrative of TimeXtender
  • Product Messaging Guidelines => The TimeXtender product messaging explained

Objection Handling

This session will help you address and respond to the typically objections from customers which you meet in the sales dialogue. Being able to address these objections will give you much better credibility with the customers and you will be more likely to close the deal.

Account Mapping

It’s very likely you have highly potential customers for TimeXtender in your portfolio already. During this session we discuss the customer target group for TimeXtender, looking into which needs they have, as well as align this with your current customer base. Then we discuss how to approach these potential customers with the value proposition of TimeXtender.

Product Demo

Successful illustration of TimeXtender's capabilities is best done through a live demo with the customer prospect. Therefore, the ability to demonstrate the TimeXtender software, is a key step in the Sales path. While TimeXtender is happy to lead the initial customer demos for new partners, the goal is to empower partners to become independent. You can find extensive resources on how to Deliver a Winning TimeXtender Demo in the partner portal. These materials are only to assist Partner's to create demo collateral and lead winning TimeXtender demos.

TimeXtender is a highly technical product. We expect that product demonstrations of TimeXtender are conducted by technical pre-sales people and not by the commercially focused sales people. In the Sales Onboarding process we recommend the partners sales people to attend a product demo arranged by one of our Solution Specialists (SSP).  

Next Steps

You have reached the end of the Sales Enablement Path and we hope you enjoyed it. Now you are equipped with the right tools to communicate TimeXtender to your customers. As mentioned in the beginning of this document, we see the sales team as the hunters of the company.

After going through this path, you will not only be quality hunters you are on the track of becoming a TimeXtender Rockstar, ready to empower the world with Data, Mind, and Heart.




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