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Microsoft Excel Data Source

Microsoft Excel Data Source

TimeXtender supports Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a data source, both the older .xls format and the newer .xlsx format from Excel 2007 and beyond.

To use Excel files as a data source, you must ensure that the worksheet data is in list format. This means that the data must be set up in a database format consisting of one or more named columns. The first row in each column must have a label, and there can be no blank columns or rows within the list.

Adding an Excel Data Source

To add a new Excel data source, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a business unit, right click Data Sources, click Data Sources and then click Add Excel Data Source. The Add Excel Data Source window appears.
  2. Click the folder icon under Excel Data File to display the Find Files or Folders window. Navigate to and select the Excel file you want to use as a data source, and then click OK.
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