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Error: The project XML was generated in <Software Version>. The project cannot be imported.


Importing a project XML export results in an error message.

Error Message

Cannot import project from the file <path> for the following reason:

The project xml was generated in TimeXtender <version>

The project cannot be imported.


The version of the TimeXtender software that created the export and the version of the software that you are trying to import into are different.

Project exports are a snapshot of a given project repository state.  Different versions of the TimeXtender software can have different repository database structures.  This means that the structure of the export from one version of TimeXtender is not guaranteed to be compatible with any other version. 


While project exports cannot be upgraded, project repositories are can be upgraded.

If the version of the project you want to import is older than the version of your software, you will need to create a new repository using the old version of TimeXtender.  Once that's set up, import the project, save it, and upgrade the repository to your current version. You can then export the newly upgraded version of the project, and move it wherever you would like.

For a more detailed explanation and additional options, see the our instructional article here.

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