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Reading objects from an Oracle data source produces unexpected results

Note:  This is an old article.  However, the troubleshooting tips may still apply to newer versions. 


Reading objects from an Oracle data source takes a very long time, or returns an incomplete or empty list of tables.


Error Message:



Underlying Problem:

Which tables appear when reading fields from an Oracle data source depend on the permissions assigned to the owner designated in the connection.  If the owner has insufficient permissions, some or all of the necessary tables may not appear.  If you do not specify an owner, and have blanket permission to view all of the tables in your database, reading fields may take longer than necessary to complete. 

This is because Oracle databases tend to be very highly normalized, and may contain tens of thousands of tables.  Restricting the synchronization to only the necessary tables using owner permissions may speed up this process.



Specify an owner who has been granted permissions to the necessary tables.  Note that capitalization can affect owner permissions checks; see this article.


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Author: Doug Wynkoop

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