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Version 12.9.9

x86 Editions

x64 Editions

Client or server?

The TX2012 Server software includes the core software and scheduler and server services. This is meant to be installed on the main server. In a single tier setup, only the server installation files are needed.

The TX2012 Client software includes the core software only. This is intended to be used for additional installations in multiple environments, or in separate development or test setups where scheduler and server components are not required.

Prerequisites for all editions

On deploying machine:

  • .NET Frame Work 4.0 Extended
  • Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server Native Client
  • Microsoft SQL Server System CLR Types
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Objects
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 

Components on destination server:

  • SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012
  • Minimum edition is Standard with the following components installed:
    • DB Engine
    • Integration Services (SSIS)
    • Analysis Services (SSAS) (When using cubes)

TX 2012 12.9.9


0449: Error message contains too little information: Error Loading Adapter.
0375: Split data movement bug.
0450: Wrong name when deleting an additional nav adapter.
0444: IsDirty not set on custom views when using drag and drop.
0446: Hierarchy Table - Performance problems.
0426: Olap connetion can be wrong when using multiple environments.
0427: Text source unicode checkbox not working.
0439: Wrong field name on NAV Native and sql 2012.
0442: Wrong Error message when deleting used Parent Child dimension.
0441: Bug in MonthSortOrder calculation.
0445: Enable Deletes on History tables performance.
0376: spelling virtual table reference.
0380: Find unused fields does not look at PK or Incremental load fields.
0428: Tooltip for lookup field using fixed value joins.
0433: Excel synchronization problem.
0436: Nav Adapter: Bug in Preview of timestamp field.
0443: Error in QuarterName and HalfYear values in time tables.
0440: Cannot import project with ax adapter and additional connections.
0451: MySql unsupported data types hides the table.


TX 2012 12.9.4


History tables: Fixed a bug where IsTombstone was not updated and another one that could cause an error when renaming a field on a history enabled table. (Jira Bug-22 and Jira Bug-43)

Markup Scripts: Fixed a bug where an “Error loading markup scripts” was thrown when the dialogue was exited through the Cancel button. (Jira Bug-14). Fixed a bug regarding multiple Value parameters that was not saved when leaving the dialogue. (Jira Bug-54). Fixed a bug regarding problems with saving or loading Script Value parameters (Jira Bug-55)

Script Actions: General restriction on script lengths removed. (Jira Bug-53)

Standard View: Fixed a bug where removal of a field from a view could cause an error. (Jira Bug-42)

Hierarchy Table: Fixed a bug where Hierarchy tables where not marked for deployment after being changed. (Jira Bug-44)

Add Related Records: Fixed a bug where fixed joins could not be used. (Jira Bug-45)

Multiple Environment: Fixed a deserialization error that was thrown if a table failed deployment. (Jira Bug-57)

Warnings/Errors: Fixed a “Cast” error on the Warnings and Error tabs (Jira Bug-58)

CRM Adpater: Fixed a bug where the CRM adapter would only read the first 5000 records of a table. (Jira Bug-60)

Nav Adapter: Fixed a problem with Incremental load on account dependant tables using additional connector. (Jira Bug-61)

Features and Improvements:

Added functionality to support Roles when defining OLAP security and added Environment dependant security setup when using the Multiple Environment Deployment feature. Read more about this new feature and how to set up OLAP security in general here.

TX 2012 12.8.8


Single Text File: Selection rules has been disabled on single text file provider. (Jira Bug-3)

Data Movement: Fixed a bug where a Data Warehouse table was not marked as dirty when adding a datacopy from stage or deleting a field from the data warehouse table. (Jira Bug-7)

OLAP Security: Fixed a bug regarding deployment of OLAP security where attribute security on the measure dimension was not deployed. (Jira Bug-25)

Standard View: Fixed an issue with the view keeping details of related tables even after fields from that table was deleted. (Jira Bug-27)

Standard View: Fixed an issue where When adding or editing a lookup field in the view dialog the aggregation was not set correctly. (Jira Bug-36)

Sun Adapter: Fixed an issue with company ID being greater than 3 characters. (Jira Bug-37)

Cube Measures: Fixed a possible error cause where blank spaces could be entered before or after the measure name. The problem was that markup scripts was expecting the blank space in the name, but the Measures was deployed without the blankspace. (Jira Bug-38)

AX Adapter: Fixed an issue with synchronizing against an AX2012R2 database. (Jira Bug-39)

Features and Improvements:

Added an option to change the physical datatype for Integers to any of the 4 integer datatypes: BigInt, Int, SmallInt and TinyInt. The physical datatype can be changed on Custom Fields, on lookup fields and on Data Warehouse fields.

TX 2012 12.8.5


Cube Writeback: 2 issues was fixed: Writeback cubes with multiple fact tables was non-browsable from the frontend and the writeback table was dropped/recreated during deployment, leaving the table empty after a deployment. While at it, we improved the deployment method so it is much more stable when renaming fields- and/or table names.

DW_Account case sensitive problem: There was a problem with case sensitive databases and the DW_Account field.

Table insert/custom data on custom table: Fixed a problem where the table was truncated between each step, meaning that custom data was lost if there was a table insert on the custom table also. This also fixed a problem with too many truncates if there is multiple table inserts on a custom table.

Stored Procedure deployment error: If a stored procedure failed to deploy, TX would not detect that it failed and would continue deploying without reporting the error.

Elapsed time when running more than 1 hour: The Elapsed time was displayed as a decimal figure instead of time.

Spelling: 2 Spelling mistakes was corrected.

Application Crash after Deployment: Fixed the TX three update to reduce 'Flickering' which was causing an unhandled exception in some cases.

Time Table: Fixed a bug that appeared with Staggered Fiscal Year on SQL Servers using specific regional settings (Germany and United Kingdom).

Fixed a problem on SQL 2012 - SSIS deployment fails when force unicode is set to true.

Features and improvements:

CRM Adapter: Added support for Office365 authentication as an addtion to the LiveID authentication which was already present.

Progress ODBC: Added support for DateTime2 datatype. Since Progress accepts dates that are outside of the boundaries for a standard DateTime datatype, an option to handle datetime field as datatype DateTime2 has been added.

TX 2012 12.8.0


392: Upgrade error with history table

The cause of this was mainly that an extended property check was not done correctly, thus the table was not recognized as a history enabled table and then it would be dropped and recreated. Subsequently the computed columns were not detected as expected, leading to a side-effect error when trying to recalculate the computed columns.

Features and improvements:

SAP Adapter

To avoid having to build a new TX version whenever the SAP plugin was updated from Theobald Software, we removed the installation of the SAP plugin from the Installer. This means that the SAP pluging (Xtract IS) needs to be downloaded manually and installed by using the vendors installer. 

TX 2012 12.6.0


Issue with Multiple Environment Transfer in 12.5.0?


Bug in Business Functions Used in Script Commands

TX 2012 12.5.0


Features and Improvements:

Support for System.TimeSpan when using ADO.NET for transfer


Copy data from fields in the error/warnings tab grid

It is now possible to copy singe fields from the errors grid to use in queries when debugging ETL. Previously copied the entire row.


Cube and Dimension Information

When right-clicking a cube or dimension you can select the new advanced option Cube/Dimension Information. The will tell you when the element was last processed/executed.


Execution Package - Start from step

When executing an execution package from the right click menu, you can either choose Execute, or the new option Execute From Step which allows you to select from which step to start the execution.


SSIS Logging

On the project settings you can now Enable SSIS Logging, this will enable logging on the SSIS packages to the project repository.

Table names:

MSSQL 2005 : sysdtslog90

MSSQL 2008, 2008R2, 2012 : sysssislog (system table)

The generates a lot of logging data, so should be used only when needed.


Text file datasource with Fixed Width and Ragged right format

In text file sources users can now choose between three different options

  • Delimited: The normal option,      where fields are delimited by a character, for example comma or semi colon
  • FixedWidth: If each      line is a string, where you need to delimit by number of characters, so      first field is 3 characters, second is 4 and third is 10 characters, you      can specify this as 3;4;10
  • RaggedRight: The last      field is defined by the row delimiter, the leading fields have a number of      characters


User specified SSIS Root folder

The reason for this is that when a client is deploying the project it will put all packages in a folde called 'tX2012 Client'.

If a server installation is executing the project it will look for packages in a folder with the name 'tX2012 Server'.

The user can now specify a custom SSIS Root folder name. This is accessed through the project settings dialog.



Markup   script translation for Hierarchy Level is wrong


Dimension browser fails when Provider cannot be found....


Data   Aggregation: TX will crash when setting a aggregation to none




Problem   when deleting object that is used in sql snippet


Error   when sync. of external business unit.


ADO.net   transfere and money/smallmoney data type problem.


Business   Function Script Commands is not deployed.


Olap   user cannot be updated on 2012


Documentation   error in tX2012 Community


Reverse   engineering of a cube with unsupported data types fails


Offline   Cube Processing in a Multiple Environment setup problem


Adapter   for NAV version 2.60 has problems with non-western characters


View   log: Missing information


Source   Based Incremental load on Nav Adapter when company name has unicode   characters


SysAdmin   privileges needed after change of deployment method to SMO


Features   in trial license does not always get loaded on first activation


License   Check - Wrong error text


Tables   unnecessarily marked as dirty


UI   Improvements


Transformation   Replace cannot use ' (ping) as Replace Text


Find   Unuses Fields does not consider fields used for partitioning


Field   of data type sql_variant cannot be part of a hash key


Markup   script parameter name cannot be renamed


Two   delete hierarchy menu items in the menu for hirerarchy


Incorrect   sorting of Execution log data


Multible   environment setup close unexpectedly without saving


Custom transformations are limited to 1000 characters


timestamp   datatype on sql data source and selection rule


Lookups   using the Sql mode partition by joins incorrectly


Markup   script on Calculated measures and script Commands


Command   timeout on sql object creation is always 30 seconds


Reverse   data warehouse is not possible for SQL Server 2012


Backup   of files is not possible on Multible Text File data source


Enabeling   witeback on a cube will fail on deploy.


DW_Id   is not set to primary key on tables


Documentation   problem when using business function measures.


Error   loading a project when using dimesion level as parameter in Calculated   Measure


Single   table usage is ignored when using source based incremental load on NAV   adapter


Error   creating TXNumbers on case sensetive db 2005


Project   cannot be opened - Error loading Markup Scripts


Cube   browse should use front database and not database


Edit   Custom Field is missing when table is Time Table




TX 2012 12.4.8

New Features:


Custom Hash Fields

In scenarios with multiple fields making up the primary key, hashing the values of those fields into a single field can improve lookup performance. Another use of hashed fields can be to easily investigate whether changes has been made to a record or not. The hash field is setup by selecting the fields and the sequence of the fields.

Members with data property on Parent-Child dimensions

The MembersWithData property on Parent-Child dimensions can now be selected directly from timeXtender.

Table Insert with Surrogate Key

Insert data from a stage or data warehouse table into a table on another warehouse while preserving the surrogate key values from the input table.





Pick Date function returns Invalid date in some countries


Enabling partitioning on an incremental table fails during deployment


Environment Properties is not enabled on activation


Concatination and split is not possible when using a Custom view


Multiple Environments: Parameters on remote environment shown incorrect


Multiple Environments: Missing SSIS Folder for Remote Environment


Conditional Lookup errors:


Change time table on partitioned table


Cannot select an empty file in Textfile datasources


SYSOBJECTS and case sensitivity user defined functions and stored procedues


Slowly changing dimensions with type 1 and type 2 and with update all type 1 - error


Leading blankspaces in dimension attribute names causes an error on deployment


An error occured during save project to repository


If you look at the Execution Log for a specific execution package, you will notice that you have a start time and a end time, but the column Total time is empty.


Incrementally loaded Data Warehousetables on SQL Server 2005 are fully loaded every time


Manual indexes on tables are dropped during execution


Unable to add conditions to a SQL Snippet Transformation


A time-only change in a DateTime field declared as History Type2 field does not trigger a new instance


Unable to read SAP schema with compression enabled on SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 


Case sensitivity with table aliases


Conditional lookup aggregation sql differences


Incremental update of cubes does not update partitions


Error When Deploying/Executing Work Items 


Sun System Adapter should check for version on test connection


Missing mapping of DB2 datatype GRAPHICS/VARGRAPHICS


Spelling and UI


Unused Fields Doesn't Look at Cubes


Oracle read objects problem


Sum on a lookup field with fixed value joins 


Critical: Unable to deploy SSIS packages on DWH


Import - Save as latest version - fails


Deployment of partitioned table fails on second deployment

12.4.8 introduces a major improvement in the deployment speed of projects. The cost of this improvement is - in some cases - that the user deploying the staging- and data warehouse databases needs sysadmin privilege on SQL Server. We are currently investigating if this can be avoided and we will provide an update when we have more information available.

12.4.8 uses SMO (Shared Management Objects) for deployment. This means that the SMO assemblies must be available on the machine where the application is installed. If SQL Server is installed on the same machine, then SMO will also be present. If not, then SMO can be installed separately - see this link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms162189.aspx 

TX 2012 12.4.1

New Features

Offline Cube Processing (new licensed feature - contact your partner)

As Business Intelligence (BI) has become a mission critical asset in both strategic, tactical and operational levels of businesses, the demand for minimal downtime of cubes and data warehouses increase. The business simply cannot afford not to have access to these decision support systems to make better and faster decisions.

If you are not on Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition or simply prefer a more managed alternative to the proactive caching feature, the offline cube processing feature of TX 2012 is for you.

The offline processing is achieved by processing an offline version of the SSAS Multidimensional database, while front end access is provided through an online database. At the end of a successful update of the offline version, this will seamlessly replace the online version.

When combined with other performance improving features of TX 2012, such as incremental load this will not only allow minimal disturbance of end users, but also improve the overall load performance.

The offline cube processing feature of TX 2012 is available on Standard editions and above from SQL Server 2005 including the new Business Intelligence edition on SQL Server 2012.

#0267: Enable selection of collation when creating new databases

It is now possible to decide which collation new staging or data warehouse databases are created as. The application default will create it as SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS as it has always done. The selected collation is saved with the project, so if you select a collation, move the project to a new server and hit create, the new database will have the same collation as before.

#0268: Search for unused fields

It is now possible to search for unused fields in the business units and data warehouses. The feature will look for any fields that are not used in data movements, lookups, joins, parameters in snippets or transformations etc.

The feature can help you clean up your staging databases and delete fields that are no longer in use. Please use with care on data warehouse as you might want to keep fields there for direct reporting or other uses, even though they are not used on the cubes or dimensions.

Please not that if you use custom transformations/scripts/stored procedures/user defined functions etc. where you have not used the fields as parameters, they will show up as unused.

#0270: NAV Adapter: Enable the user to see Caption, Name or Number in data source view

When browsing a NAV Adapter data source, it is now possible to change between looking at table and field captions, database names and IDs from NAV.

Bug # Description
0254 Physical Valid table setting has no effect - and upgraded project fails
0293 DW_Batch on incremental and history tables
0275 Nav Adapter: Incremental Load - Wrong update of last max value on int
0134 CRM: Occasional error on Read Objects from datasource
0285 Corrected various spelling mistakes
0286 License dialog values are translated into labels
0287 Browsing a dimension and changing tab causes UI to update incorrectly
0288 OEM Menu changes
0290 Unicode does not work for key + name dimension levels
0291 CRM Bugs
0266 Case sensitivity with table aliases - problem with case sensitive stage/DW
0257 Possible deployment error in lookups
0274 OLAP Server sometimes cannot execute
0267 Enable selection of collation when creating new databases
0255 Size of "Add SQL Snippet Transformation" is wrong
0264 Reverse of Olap 2005/2008 has some errors
0269 Version Notes should be visible in project versioning list
0276 Error when using Custom function with data compression on read of sap tables sql2008
0277 Environment setup can fail
0278 Too many cube translation languages are available
0279 Reverse of Olap server 2012 Test connection is wrong
0207 SQL field with data type Numeric(23,0) is handled as bigint in timeXtender
0263 Unable to load projects across client and server licenses (License mapping)


TX 2012 12.3.0


Bug # Description
0255 Size of "Add SQL Snippet Transformation" is wrong
0242 Nav, AX, Sun and GP adapter does not   truncate incremental table
0256 Custom tables on stage do not load   relations
0259 SAP not working on sql2012
0260 Incremental on NAV SQL2012 fails
0261 Incremental on Sun Adater does not   work on sql2012
0262 Lookup field sorting get deleted   unintentionally
0248 Missing Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll   in community build
0241 Critical!: One/many to many SUM lookup
0252 Unable to set value for parameter in   SQL snippet
0253 SQL snippets are not categorized in   context menu
0234 Cannot drop field error
0239 In List not working against SAP tables
0243 Some valid datatype for incremental   gives error on incremental table deploy
0244 Custom month name in time table
0245 Incremental rule with timestamp,   decemal etc. will not work
0246 adapter generated fields as DW_Account   can be used as incremental field
0247 SAP Language is not avalible in the   global database setup
0249 Sun adapter loads data sequential
0250 Error in security on olap when having   role playing dimensions
0251 Spelling mistakes
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    tX2012 12.4.1 has been released

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    tX2012 12.5.0 has been released

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    tX2012 12.6.0 has been released

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    tX2012 12.8.8 has been released.

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    tx2012 12.9.9 has been released. See release notes above.

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    tx2012 12.10.0 BETA has been released. Read more here:  http://support.timextender.com/entries/30291303-TX2012-Beta-Release

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