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Error: "Timeout expired"


You receive an error like the following:

Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
Error during Data Processing for Table: <TABLENAME>
Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
Stored Procedure: [dbo].[usp_XXXXXX_Clean]
@Debug = 0
@Version = 182
@LoadDate = 09-01-2012 16:59:06


If you do not change the default timeout settings, any query on the staging as well as the DW database will timeout after 100 seconds.


To change the timeout setting and solve the described timeout problem do the following on the database in question (stage or DW):

  1. Right click on the staging/dw database in TX and select Edit.
  2. At the bottom of the window change the Command Timeout to a higher value, e.g. 3600 for a one hour timeout)

This article applies to: timeXtender 4.5, tX2012, TX2014.

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    Ian Cockcroft

    What is the maximum this can be set to?

    is it possible to set it to open ended?

    I get this error on one particular table after 8 minutes.

    this source is a view. the source has a cte and pivot and running it in SQL takes 30 minutes.

    (I am looking at ways to make the view faster.)

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Ian,

    If you set it to 0 (Zero), then it is open ended.


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    Hansen, Mikkel Hecht DK - NOH



    Do you need to deploy for the change to have effect?


    Or save as deployed version?

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    Joost Romijn

    I still got this error today, even though I have set the Connection time-out and Command time-out to 0..

    Using a global database and set it in the Environment Properties. Error appeared after 30 seconds trying to load one table in DSA.

    Are there any other settings that might solve this?

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    Hendrik Gruß

    I am also facing this issue after we switched to a new hardware. There are randomly different tables that timeout at some runs. The timeouts for the data warehouses are set to 3600, but after 8 minutes the tables time out.

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    Sathiya Priya (MAF Ventures - External)

    hi , Any solution for these timeouts?


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    Ramon Villanueva

    Hi, I've the same error in the process _clean (ODX->DSA)

    The time out in ODX data source are:

    Please, need help


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    Permanently deleted user

    Please increase the command timeout on the DWH (DSA) instance. 

    Guide for TimeXtender 6024.1 and later versions


    Guide for TimeXtender v.20 and earlier versions


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