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How to import, edit, and upgrade snippets


Note: This article applies to TX DWA (older) version.  

You do have the ability to easily import, edit and upgrade snippets.  Below we are going to show you the steps to do so.

  1. Follow this link that leads to our "Download" page and download the Business Function Library and place somewhere you can find it right away:


  2. Open TX DWA and go to the top left of the menu tabs.

  3. Find the menu tab "Tools" and click on it:

  4. Under the Administration section, find and click on "Snippets".

  5. A new box will come up which will be labelled TX DWA Server, but on the bottom, you will see SQL Snippets, Olap Snippets and Qlik Snippets.

  6. Here you will click on Import button on bottom left of box.

  7. Find the Business Function Library you just downloaded and Import.

  8. When done, this is how the box will look:

  9. From here, you can edit the snippets:



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