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Release Notes for TimeXtender 20.5.x

20.5.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New and Improved Features 

  • Name change: Discovery Hub => TimeXtender
  • 32-bit data sources in 64-bit Discovery Hub
  • Ability to Customize Decimal Scale In Numeric Fields
  • Simplify "Import Settings from Previous Versions"
  • Script Editor Updated with Syntax Highlighting and Autocompletion
  • Allow related records to be inserted from a view
  • Easy Way to Create Table from View
  • Improve Drag and Drop Creation of View from View
  • Improve Map Custom View Fields
  • Consistent use of DW_Sourcecode in views
  • Multiple running scheduled packages from the same project
  • Split Incremental load marker on multiple sources
  • Enable incremental load with 'Add Incremental Selection Rule'
  • Ask the user to synchronize after making a change to a data source that requires synchronization
  • Show cardinality on semantic relations as arrows (e.g. ->)
  • Allow manual assignment of system fields on table insert
  • Drag a field from the Data Movement to Table when Source is ODX
  • Show schema on external business unit tables
  • Multiple text file Data Source - Add filename
  • ODX: Streamline naming in ADF data source setups
  • ODX: Upgrade and release SAP data sources to work with SSIS 2019
  • ODX: Limit incremental load preview list to affected tables
  • ODX: Relax task naming rules
  • ODX: ADF data source Classic SQL Server
  • ODX: ADF data source Informix
  • ODX: ADF data source MySQL (MariaDB)
  • ODX: ADF data source Microsoft Access
  • ODX: ADF data source Oracle
  • ODX: ADF data source PostgreSQL
  • ODX: ADF data source SQL DB/MI
  • ODX: ADF Incremental load for data source SQL DB

Deprecated Features

  • Download of 32-bit version of TimeXtender
  • TimeXtender Client version


  • 2248: ODX sometimes fails when restoring backlog
  • 2848: Version note canceled Execute still runs
  • 4411: Project load slow due to external executable projects
  • 4564: UI: "Synchronize Data Types" is placed differently in context menus on table and data warehouse
  • 4637: UI: Missing padding in "Set Up Relations" dialog box (req. Infragistics upgrade)
  • 4675: Issue with SSIS and differential deployment
  • 4766: The Automate Incremental load feature on the DWH adds incremental load to tables where this isn't possible
  • 4831: Custom conditions on any field transformation reference fields in the _R table and ignore transformations on these fields
  • 4884: ODX Tab order issues
  • 4995: Verify and update the prerequisites page on timextender.com
  • 5286: Issue with retry in an execution package with multiple packages inside
  • 5315: Primary key null check combined with rec.based validation
  • 5327: To improve deployment performance, _RT table hash columns should be nullable
  • 5359: Data linage down to the data source is not possible
  • 5464: "{" and "}" characters in object names fail in Azure SQL
  • 5506: Error when you turn off using a partition on a table.
  • 5559: Window closes when the tab is closed
  • 5587: ODX DataBrick Creates unsupported runtime version
  • 5768: SSL - Removing a column and the affected in semantical model
  • 5805: Expire date in About dialog is misleading if you have a subscription license
  • 5822: Aggregate table override data type is applied wrong
  • 5891: Data type override should not be available for additional data sources.
  • 6098: Hourglass overlay is displayed when nothing is deploying/executing
  • 6119: Export deployment step issues when creating documentation
  • 6182: ODX Error: System.FormatException: The input wasn't in the correct format when executing a table containing decimal fields.
  • 6213: Object reference error after an upgrade, when synchronizing external SQL data source
  • 6227: Custom view fields are not reordered after synchronizing fields
  • 6229: Reordering table fields "is dirty" issue
  • 6248: Execution package messages on manual stop issue
  • 6350: Data Source with additional source and history doesn't do data cleansing when one source fails
  • 6382: Issue with SQL Database Cleanup Tool
  • 6383: UI: 'Max. rows to copy' label is misleading
  • 6423: Change a data source from X type to SAP data source more than once fail
  • 6443: Change data source to Movex/M3 DB2 and Movex/M3 MS Sql Adapter fails
  • 6463: AZDWH Bulk load data conversion error - Polybase to Azure SQL DWH
  • 6494: Issue with missing fields from CData providers
  • 6496: Performance recommendations suggest aggregation None for lookups when the target is SQL Data Warehouse
  • 6607: Error with data conversion from NVarChar(MAX) field
  • 6636: Ampersand & sign bug in the project name
  • 6638: Version counter bug
  • 6801: Issue with creating roles in ODX security
  • 6859: Query table with fields without a name
  • 6864: Polybase with primary key load from fixed value fields
  • 6872: Issue with moving data with polybase and "copy to" when preview data exists
  • 6905: ODX data factory sources using wrong credentials to connect to data lakes
  • 6908: Missing fields for mappings in custom selection rules
  • 6925: Deployment through multi-environment window fails when using Azure Analytics Services and deployment mode is automatic/universal.
  • 7044: Add data source any CTRL+E
  • 7051: Execution fails when mapping dw_sourcecode from business unit to data warehouse

Fixed in 20.5.2

  • 6908: Missing fields for mappings in custom selection rules
  • 7491: Issue with advanced settings in a CData provider
  • 7515: First run keeps showing up

Fixed in ODX 20.5.2

  • 7512: ODX Backlog synchronize issue

Fixed in 20.5.3

  • 7587: Incremental load from ODX and incremental load with direct read do not work correctly - (Deployment is needed after upgrade when using Direct Read).
  • 7589: Data warehouse: default values for Data Factory settings when using a global database are incorrect and fail when the global database does not exist.
  • 7572: ODX ODBC connection doesn't remember custom properties
    7576: Wrong cast when using direct read with column default where source field data type is different than the destination field data type
  • 7594: Issue with ODBC connection pool when using NAV Native on Business Central adapter

Fixed in 20.5.5

  • 7600: Issue with field mappings in Semantic measures
    7622: Command timeout is defined as minutes in the ODX Data Lake Data Storage dialog - seconds is the correct label.
  • 7628: Issue with 32/64 bit execution engine which stalls when running the scheduler and multiple threads.
  • 7659: Remote SSIS package execution only works for SQL 2008.

Fixed in 20.5.6

  • 6934: Custom table with a custom SSIS package does not deploy the package with differential deployment enabled
  • 7643: Issue with adding a custom data selection rule in Business Unit
  • 7678: Provider BC 365 does not behave correctly in the connection manager
    7692: Command timeout issue when transferring data into a Data Warehouse when not using SSIS
  • 7771: When creating a script an error occurs, if using IntelliSense to select a field
  • 7867: SSL Dynamic security table is not included in a dynamic perspective
  • 7879: Ax and Nav fields do not persist the raw only setting
  • 7900: Problem with image collection when having lots of execution packages inside other execution packages
  • 7902: AX & NAV synchronization helper issue on query tables & data type overrides
  • 7905: BC Adapter using NAV Native provider pulls all data from the same company

Fixed in 20.5.7

  • 7972: Error when adding additional BC365 data source using the wizard
  • 7973: License activation fails for some users because of missing write permission
  • 7959: Tab indent size in the text editors should be 8 and not the default 4
  • 7988: Custom SSIS package using default password after upgrading TimeXtender
  • 7990: Some conditions can skip first run flow
  • 8030: Smart synchronize deletes existing field mappings on ODX tables
  • 8033: Tree-node selection in multiple tabs issue
  • 8039: Drag/drop node on an expanded node performance issue
  • 8049: Implement a terminate option to Qlik endpoints when executions have reached the set timeout

Fixed in ODX 20.5.7

  • 8027: CData AllowDBNull property cast exception

Fixed in 20.5.8

  • 8030: Smart synchronize deletes existing field mappings on ODX tables
  • 8144: SSIS Deployment fails when table names ends with whitespace and quotes
  • 8203: Wrong warning message on supernatural keys
  • 8246: Deployment fails with SSIS enabled and a single quote (') is the last character of a table name

Fixed in ODX 20.5.8

  • 8080: Select Data from ODX is very slow when having a data source with many tables/columns
  • 8229: 2020 CData OAuth not working in ODX
  • 8254: CData Authorize OAuth can freeze the UI

Fixed in 20.5.9

  • 8338: When guards and execution package steps fail on the load of a project the user is not informed

Fixed in ODX 20.5.9

  • 8274: Issue with data brick "in list" selection rule operator for date times, guids, and binary data
  • 8330: ODX Csv files fails when source record contains '\r' without '\n'

Fixed in 20.5.10

  • 8375: Issue with data cleansing in SQL Data Warehouse
  • 8561: Issue when DW_SourceCode is mapped into a field in the data warehouse



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