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Release Notes for Discovery Hub 19.11.x

19.11.2 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New and Improved Features 

  • Support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse (Azure Synapse Analytics)
  • Support for SQL Server 2019
  • Support for SAP as Data Source on Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 ODX Data Storage
  • Create a New Repository in an Existing Database
  • More Responsive UI
  • Set Up Incremental Load Wizard Recognizes ODX Timestamp


  • Bug 4046 Project Feature usage is not working correctly
  • Bug 4291 No warning if the user closes application while Execution Queue is running
  • Bug 4336 Data Movement dialog (copy, concatenation, split) updates GUI after cancel
  • Bug 4337 Wrong item order in the Semantic Layer tab
  • Bug 4338 AX adapter: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32
  • Bug 4365 Issue with Query Table in ODX
  • Bug 4374 Misleading repository warning if you change repository in the first run
  • Bug 4424 Aggregate table with the same name issue
  • Bug 4439 Index dialog does not sort fields after changes
  • Bug 4443 Table insert should ignore system fields except for DW_Batch, DW_SourceCode, and DW_TimeStamp
  • Bug 4460 Execute and deploy table for Data warehouse has an incorrect name
  • Bug 4504 "Go to" system fields keeps opening a new tab if system fields are hidden
  • Bug 4606 Discovery Hub crashes when showing / clicking a SQL snippet where the source field has disappeared
  • Bug 4610 M3 adapter on SQL issue
  • Bug 4641 ODX - Error when using not equal and a CData provider
  • Bug 4687 Table name is already used issue
  • Bug 4702 Keep Fields Up To Date with Hard Deletes update improvement
  • Bug 4762 Problem with SQL Server 2005+ hashing algorithm with (n)varchar(max) + transformation + nulls
  • Bug 4861 Index should be updated when changing lookup join order or sortings
  • Bug 5038 Unable to add AD groups to Tabular security model

Fixed in 19.11.3

  • Bug 5173 Qlik global server port issue (int vs. string)
  • Bug 5178 Improved collation check when creating a new repository in an existing database
  • Bug 5183 Data source for SAP Table doesn't work with the latest from Theobald Software

Fixed in 19.11.4

  • Bug 5185 Issue with _RT table when having 'keep field values up-to-date' on a renamed table with conditional lookup
  • Bug 5197 SAP cannot execute with the newest version from Theobald Software

Fixed in 19.11.5

  • Bug 5069 Change CData OAuth flow for refresh token issue
  • Bug 5170 SQL DWH issue with lookups and transformation on fields
  • Bug 5260 Qlik QVD folder creating times out every time on connection validation
  • Bug 5269 Lookups SUM and AVG does not always work in SQL DWH
  • Bug 5291 External business units give object reference errors on deploy or execute
  • Bug 5298 SSL: Datetime format unable to handle AM/PM

Fixed in 19.11.6

  • BUG 5306 Semantic layer RLS doesn't remember settings if changed from manual to dynamic or vice-versa
  • BUG 5310 The Go-To in the Find dialog unnecessarily opens new tabs
  • BUG 5433 Command Timeout in connection settings is ignored in SQL Azure
  • BUG 5435 Deploying changes to an incremental load or history table unnecessarily recreates the primary key index

Fixed in 19.11.7

  • Bug 5578 Dynamic project variables fail when a variable contains quotation characters
  • Bug 5605 Deployment of a table makes calls to SMO which requires more user rights
  • Bug 5609 Tabular Model not dependent on RLS security table
  • Bug 5664: Additional Connection String property dialog can only hold 255 characters
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