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Release Notes for Discovery Hub 19.9.x

19.9.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New Features

  • Support for Azure AD Authentication for SQL Server Connections
  • Support for Theobald Software Xtract IS 5.0 for SAP Data Sources


  • Top-level Objects can be Opened in a Tab


  • Bug 3501: Issue with supernatural key as PK and source-based incremental load with hard deletes
  • Bug 3837: Incorrect automatic index for lookups with TOP and sorting
  • Bug 3915: Preview of some Dynamics AX tables in data source fails
  • Bug 3928: Copy repository dialog not in line with current GUI
  • Bug 3932: ODX - Local ADUser search member issue
  • Bug 4020: Money, Smallmoney & XML fails when using ADO without overwriting datatypes
  • Bug 4166: First run proxy issues
  • Bug 4169: Dynamics NAV - Query table for company with ' (quote) in name gives malformed T-SQL
  • Bug 4175: Encrypt connection not read when opening project repository settings
  • Bug 4178: SAP TXStringDateConverter2014 issue
  • Bug 4196: ODX - SSIS transfer "NULLVALUE" parameter
  • Bug 4200: ODX - Selection rules format issue
  • Bug 4206: Opening and closing tabs should keep the size of existing tabs
  • Bug 4213: External business unit will display wrong connection changes during synchronization when using a global database
  • Bug 4215: SQL Azure Data Export encryption error
  • Bug 4232: Some settings are not imported when a previous version is selected on first run

Fixed in 19.9.3

  • Bug 4338: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32 (AX Adapter incremental load)
  • Bug 4610: M3 adapter on SQL issue
  • Bug 4616: Tabular using wrong dll files
  • Bug 4702: Keep Fields Up To Date with Hard Deletes update improvement
    Bug 4762: Problem with SQL Server 2005+ hashing algorithm with (n)varchar(max) + transformation + nulls
  • Bug 4768: Snippet view object reference error on add
  • Bug 4771: QlikView scripts write password to script file
  • Bug 4963: Cube incremental load issue with string values
  • Bug 4677: Editing join on a conditional lookup with fixed value will select the wrong value type
  • Bug 4939: Qlik: Timeout on larger apps when using certificate authentication
  • Bug 4988: Custom Fields are not visible in Custom Semantic Measures
  • Bug 4996: Azure SQL DB - login issue
  • Bug 5004: Environment security unable to show all domain groups
  • Bug 4874: ODX ignoring all security table settings when downloading repository to the backlog
  • Bug 4641: ODX - Error when using not equal and a CData provider
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