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Release Notes for Discovery Hub 19.2.x

19.2.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New features

  • ODX: Improved data source provider management
  • ODX: Easier setup of data sources with templates for common data source providers
  • ODX: Object-level security
  • ODX: Preview data in data sources with the query tool
  • ODX: Row-level data filter
  • Modern data warehouse: Manual mapping of fields to enable data lineage for custom views
  • Shared semantic layer: Dynamic row-level security based on a data warehouse table
  • Shared semantic layer: SSAS Tabular Descriptions 
  • Shared semantic layer: SSAS Tabular Perspectives 
  • Performance recommendations tool


  • Modern data warehouse: Improved performance for incremental load and history tables


  • Enable BK hash key (Table Settings -> Performance tab)
  • Target-based incremental load (Table Settings -> Data Extraction tab)
  • Use left outer join (Table Settings -> History tab)


  • 1543 Only one data source can be manually synchronized at a time
  • 1656 Synchronization result is missing Data Source information
  • 1674 DW update node issue on drag/drop
  • 1826 Columns on tables are not sorted in DH
  • B00171 SQL text data type problem
  • B00240 Parent-Child dimension: Attributes are not being saved
  • B00797 Double-clicking Custom Hash Field checkboxes issue
  • B01140 Unexpected shutdown of TX when pressing the select all button while using an Anysource ADO connection
  • B01297 DataGridView column limit issue
  • B01432 Tables with the same name gives no warning
  • B01469 Conditional Lookup w/ Multiple lookup fields: First data type instead of Largest
  • B01487 SSIS - varbinary(max), varchar(max) and nvarchar(max) from a Adapters using SQL Data Source is converted incorrectly
  • B01498 Missing Features Validation warning for Partitions
  • B01514 Ax and Nav adapter - Deleting a project from discovery hub repository administration
  • B01526 Dynamic perspective - Aggregation table missing dependencies
  • B01528 SL - Custom measure script is available for Qlik
  • B01534 Incremental table differential deployment 32bit vs 64bit hashcode problem
  • B01540 Execution package error message missing trace when prioritized
  • B01549 Cube Store - save as exception
  • B01559 Source-based incremental load deletes should be consistent with history deletes
  • B01568 BU - Object dependencies are not removed when a parent object is removed
  • B01571 Data Export is missing object dependency on execution
  • B01580 Tooltips for fields are not updated when data type changes during synchronization
  • B01585 Datasource extraction filter: cached filters not updated correctly
  • B01586 SSL table data lineage issue
  • B01587 Scheduled execution does not send mail when execution fails hard
  • B01594 Unable to download CData providers when behind a proxy server
  • B01596 Confusing name in Task Manager
  • B01598 Clustered column-store index with table partitioning
  • B01599 Smart synchronize on "raw field" only
  • B01600 Show tooltips in the Find window also when the window is inactive
  • B01601 SSL: Dynamic Security for Tabular endpoint
  • B01604 Issue with Differential Deployment when taking ownership of a Qlik model in the semantic layer
  • B01605 Missing step clean up on DataExport delete.
  • B01610 History Tables Performance Improvement
  • B01613 Reincarnated rows with source-based incremental load and soft deletes (without history)
  • B01614 Entire row hash key prevents enabling history and history soft deletes
  • B01615 AX and NAV adapter using MS SQL Provider does not export the value for Additional Connection Properties
  • B01616 Replace Qlik app with Semantic Qlik app issue
  • B01617 Modifying history tables sometimes fail in regular SQL Azure
  • B01618 The _RT table should use the raw schema not the valid schema
  • B01619 Test connection on Salesforce adapter with proxy settings error
  • B01620 Execution dialog shows too many tabs
  • B01623 UI-fixes for Table Settings
  • B01631 DH - Wrong copy transformation parameters
  • B01632 Issue adding role members on Database Role
  • B01635 Incremental load with Soft Deletes does not get updated when rows reappear
  • B01636 Error when you use Entire Row Hash Key with Incremental load with Soft Deletes
  • B01637 SSL: Description on Semantic Model Tables, Columns and Measures for SSAS Tabular issue
  • B01638 Wrong tab order - Execution tab
  • B01639 BU - Wrong Raw schema validation when in simple mode (without incremental load)
  • B01640 Data Movement tooltips and scroll to the top issue
  • B01641 GP Adapter issues
  • B01642 Issue with migrating semantic models
  • B01643 Scheduler starts already running project
  • B01648 The table order warning in the Table Insert dialog should ignore views
  • B01649 SSL - Executable semantic objects cannot be dragged into the execution queue
  • B01650 Unnecessary refresh in the Qlik tab after each command
  • B01651 Tooltips should contain the text content of descriptions in objects that have a description
  • B01652 Search is not available for Semantic Layer scripts
  • B01653 SSL tracing
  • B01654 SSL missing documentation
  • B01656 Field data type not updated in tooltips after data source synchronization
  • B01657 Table and field descriptions disappear after changing table settings
  • B01658 History with soft deletes date conversion error
  • B01659 Wrong database drop-down list in when adding SQL logins in a multiple environment setup
  • B01661 Date calculation can be wrong for Fiscal Week

Fixed in 19.2.2

  • 2555 Missing square brackets in data cleansing
  • 2550 Fixed supernatural keys from fields with transformations
  • 2537 The ODX can shut down without closing its repository connection
  • 2377 ODX Service Configuration fails if you have no existing repository
  • 2346 Issue with select data rule
  • 2487 Transformation calculation for when to use UDF is incorrect
  • 2484 Take ownership of Qlik app doesn't work on published apps
  • 2470 ODX CData REST Provider doesn't work
  • 2431 Null reference error on Environment DB test connection
  • 2493 Work item dialog will not open
  • 2457 Transfer from ODX to DWH comma issue
  • 2394 Date table has two wrong fiscal column values
  • 2548 Edit Junk Dimension table give null reference exception
  • 2412 OLAP Cube Actions can cause object null reference
  • 2403 Error message shouldn't show when setting both Target-Based and Source-Based incremental load on tables
  • 2559 Issue with Description when loading a project

Fixed in 19.2.3

  • F2391 ODX incremental with insert only
  • B2605 History tables with sql_variant fields fail to deploy
  • B2608 Deprecated lookups with Partition by fails to deploy
  • B2654 Deleting descriptions fails
  • B2656 Custom SQL data source - datetime issue
  • B2661 SSL - Multiple relation items fails on deployment

Fixed in 19.2.4

  • B2741 ODX: Exclusion issues in data select on data source
  • B2739 Securable view based on view
  • B2724 Supernatural keys using raw-only fields

Fixed in 19.2.5

  • F2733 Support for Service Principals using Azure Analysis server
  • B2799 Qlik endpoint provider doesn't support TLS, so we need to be able to point to a different connection
  • B2810 Wrong validation of raw fields when table is used in junk table
  • F2849 Improved data type support for Informix Data Source
  • B2853 AX on MSSSQL with incremental load applies regional settings for datetime format
  • B2879 Keep lookup values up to date fail when running ssis and DW_Id is mapped from business unit to data warehouse
  • B2858 View synchronized when table dragged to table wrapper

Fixed in 19.2.7

  • Bug 2986: Custom data should not deploy when tables are guarded
  • Bug 3063: Excel Data source issue when executing multi-threaded
  • Bug 3066: External Executable with SSIS Catalog fails because of wrong dll load
  • Bug 3099: Problem when synchronizing NAV adapter (Index issue)

Fixed in 19.2.9

  • Bug 3247: Informix date time format for incremental rule uses environment date time format.
  • Bug 3314: Azure SQL doesn't work in ODX
  • Bug 3283: Simple mode on data source does not clean up pre and post steps
  • Bug 3347: Wrong error mail can be sent by the scheduler
  • Bug 3349: OLAP translation are not deployed with Discovery Hub Feature
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