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Release Notes for Discovery Hub 18.10.x

18.10.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New features

  • ODX Server Manager for the Operational Data Exchange (ODX) Server with support for Azure Data Lake.
  • Support for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
  • Functionality to clone fields
  • Consistent read on Dynamics NAV adapter
  • Shared Semantic Layer: Row level security, hierarchies, hide settings for unused endpoint types, validate model against endpoints, data formats, display folders, prevent deployment of an endpoint in specific environments, guarding of semantic models, prioritize models on execution, added table and schema reference to tables, consistent dragging direction when creating relations


  • Conditional lookup fields performance and usability improvements
  • Easier setup of Oracle data source
  • Tooltips provide more information
  • Connection Manager updated with support for semantic endpoints, ODX and CData data sources.
  • Shared Semantic Layer: Improved display of relations, improved method for assigning semantic objects to endpoints, improved mapping of tables


  • Qlik Modeler has been deprecated in favor of the Shared Semantic Layer.


  • B00646 Text file data source issues
  • B01293 Work item list duplication
  • B01298 Spelling errors
  • B01304 Remove "DING" from shortcuts in tree
  • B01311 Wrong dirty table when editing project variable
  • B01317 Bold tables (with description) loose bold after automation wizard
  • B01364 Hidden semantic fields not hidden in Tableau
  • B01370 Excel character bug
  • B01386 Differential deploy for aggregated tables does not detect data type errors.
  • B01394 Cdata JSON - OAuth not working
  • B01395 Removing a table with a lot of fields used in a semantic model gives a warning that can't be closed due to the length of the message
  • B01403 Additional NAV adapter - Incr load + cleanup wizard
  • B01404 Script parameterization issues
  • B01416 Differential deployment issues
  • B01423 Missing Template Selection on some data sources
  • B01424 Copy date tables to Dimension issue
  • B01438 No scroll bar jump in the project tree when adding a conditional lookup field or a relation
  • B01439 Excel data source - Sheet and column names with double-byte characters is not possible,
  • B01452 Differential deployment - Foreign key relations are always checked.
  • B01455 CData - Data type double with a scale of 0 must be parsed to a SQL float data type
  • B01457 Automate/Add Suggested Constraints sets relations as Default incorrectly
  • B01459 Data Source Extraction Settings Count Bug
  • B01464 UI Bug: Adding Table Staging>DWH with field selection window
  • B01467 Exporting and importing project sets all lookups as 'Use Temp Table'
  • B01470 Adding joins through automatic history date does not suggest the none method
  • B01479 Error on the deployment of a semantic model when using dynamic variables in selection rule.
  • B01483 NAV adapter - double validating causes large projects to be very slow to open
  • B01486 Wrong tooltip when scale, precision or character length changes during synchronization of data source
  • B01489 CData data source will use SSIS for transfer if the parent is set to use SSIS when using global databases
  • B01492 CDATA Provider update forgets all settings
  • B01502 Column store indexes fail deployment with incremental load and history tables
  • B01510 Data Source Settings Query table issue
  • B01512 Add Edit Database Role menu missing
  • B01518 Wrong endpoint feature validation

Fixed in 18.10.2

  • B01525 Entire Row Hash Key for views should be disabled
  • B01527 Junk and Aggregated tables do not get marked as modified when source fields are renamed
  • B01529 Shortcut conflict when editing name in the tree
  • B01530 Super Natural Key field is not available in aggregation tables
  • B01531 Problem with creating new fields after enabling 'Keep lookup values up-to-date'
  • B01532 CData - REST provider not available in add/edit CData provider
  • B01533 Row level security is allowed on semantic custom fields
  • B01536 'Keep lookup values up-to-date' should detect changes regardless of case-insensitive or accent-insensitive collations
  • B01537 Selecting a database collation should be possible before creating a business unit or data warehouse database

Fixed in 18.10.3

  • B01547 Direct Read and Dynamic Variables is not working
  • B01546 Batch data cleansing doesn't work properly with Keep lookup values up-to-date
  • B01545 Semantic layer custom measures not using correct setup type
  • B01543 Oracle Data Source - Cannot deploy SSIS package fore query tables using the Oracle Data Provider for .Net
  • B01542 SSL - Custom selection rule cannot handle renaming of a parameter field
  • B01541 SQL cleanup wizard removing security table for semantic layer row security
  • B01451 SSIS, Dynamic Project Variables, and Data Selection Rules on Incremental Tables

Fixed in 18.10.4

  • B01551 SSIS service 2017 is parsing the wrong version
  • B01552 SSL: Qlik QVD folder connection doesn't take endpoint name into account
  • B01553 "in list" field validation is implemented inverted
  • B01554 Table insert where the statement
  • B01555 Crash - F2 rename on data warehouse table used in a Qlik model
  • B01556 "Entire row hash key" should include "SCD Is Current" and "SCD Is TombStone" in history tables as well as "Is TombStone"
  • B01557 NAV Native - Data type override issue

Fixed in 18.10.5

  • B01558 Datasource settings detecting false changes when changing tabs
  • B01560 AX adapter - changing to MS sql provider from AX7
  • B01562 SL - Qlik endpoint: Missing option for unique field naming

Fixed in 18.10.6


  • 1051 Delete ODX projects
  • 1058 Select tables in DH based on tasks
  • 1266 ODX data selection - Highlight search instead of OK
  • 1306 Handle multiple concurrent ODX projects

Bug fixes

  • 1059 Incremental load doesn't work with MySQL connection in ADO or CData
  • 1060 Error transferring columns with data type HierarchyId
  • 1062 Data sources using the wrong name in DW_SourceCode
  • 1270 DataLake issue - Error when loading Employee Data from Traders2016
  • B01566 Scheduler should log errors and warning to event log regardless of the configuration setting
  • B01565 Keep lookup values up-to-date' option with no enabled errors or warnings fails to deploy
  • B01564 Excel data source - Synchronization issues

Fixed in 18.10.7

  • B01569 Data Export - Execution does not wait for parameterized views
  • B01572 Error deploying target based incremental load table (Full load)
  • B01573 Impact Analysis and Data Flow diagram breaks before view field
  • B01574 "Add View" dialog cannot add a Lookup field

Fixed in 18.10.8

  • B01575 Entire Row Hash Key should not be a primary key
  • B01576 Semantic Qlik: QVDFiles for different endpoints are always stored in the same folder if the postfix is the same
  • B01577 Oracle data source - Deployment of primary key SSIS package fails when using the providers Oracle Data Provider for .NET and Microsoft Oracle Data Provider for .NET
  • B01579 AX Adapter - Incremental load with delete does not work with the Account exclude option
  • B01581 Template NAV Adapter is not affected by changes to the enhancement settings on the main adapter
  • B01582 AX adapter - Incremental load with subtracting is not working with the account setup set to exclude
  • B01583 Text file data source - Wrong parsing of default code page
  • B01584 NAV - Cleanup wizard suggest to remove needed Option BCV view

Fixed in 18.10.9

  • B01588 Culture settings on Text file is ignored in global databases
  • B01589 Cloning varchar Conditional Lookup Fields
  • B01593 Need way to install older versions of CData sources
  • B01602 Performance - Security model saves the none values to the repository which is not necessary
  • B01603 Wrong table name validation when using simple mode
  • F00417 Replace Qlik app with Semantic Qlik app
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