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Release Notes for Discovery Hub 18.6.x

18.6.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New features

  • Support for 90+ CData data source providers
  • Support for SQl Server Managed Instance


  • Easier navigation with "Go To" commands on lookup fields, relations etc.
  • Use Azure SQL Database without Extra Libraries
  • Use Fields from All Tables in Your Semantic Model in Scripts


  • B01361 Environment Properties is not accessible
  • B01360 Qlik Snippets which contains a Value parameter are validated wrong and deployment is blocked
  • B01359 Qlik snippet are empty on deployment if the script is not deployed to a text file.
  • B01356 Add SQL security users for DW/BU issue
  • B01352 UI scaling errors
  • B01350 Concatenated table and view names can become too long
  • B01348 Adding any index after a column-store index was created is impossible
  • B01347 Empty custom transformations are created even when clicking Cancel
  • B01340 Misplaced comma in data cleansing script with incremental load and Sun System adapters
  • B01335 Unhandled exception when deselecting incremental tables for deployment
  • B01328 Deploy aggregation table dependency issue
  • B01326 Table insert dropdown for "Insert from table" does not display schema
  • B01318 UI: Custom field data type inconsistency
  • B01314 Semantic measure parameters expansion: Table Names
    B01312 Environment properties visual bug
  • B01310 UI: Inconsistent capitalization for measures in SSL
    B01309 Tags does not get cleaned up when deleting an entire data source
  • B01308 Invalid CAST in lookup joins when joining to a fixed decimal value
    B01307 SSL - selection rules does not apply to qlik endpoint.
  • B01303 Custom table insert ending with a comment does not work
    B01301 Data source "data extraction settings" does not cancel correctly
  • B01275 DW_SourceCode not set correct in Data Movement Views from External Business Unit
  • B01274 Lookup fields are marked bold in the data movement pane source tables
  • B01270 Custom condition on transformations does not translate objects into parameters when legacy transformations are used
  • B01268 Conditional lookup field with use raw values will append _R when source is a view
    B01266 Delete Semantic Layer Field does not warn about usage in scripts
  • B01265 Environment issues with different software versions
    B01264 No error on execution package when threads are set to 2 or more when the license does not allow it.
  • B01262 Text file source: Field mapping can map the same existing field more than one time
    B01261 Field validation visual bug
  • B01252 Fixed value join datetime fields has change expression

Fixed in 18.6.2

  • B01372 Date table: Fiscal first day and last day of quarter are calculated wrong.
  • B01374 AX synchronize - remove DATAAREAID issue
  • B01375 CData data sources on BU uses the parents SSIS approach, but doesn't support SSIS
  • B01376 NAV custom selection rule parameters issue
  • B01377 No synchronization result if all tables are removed and the source database contains no tables
  • B01378 Updates to mapping table selectionrule fields does not mark destination table as dirty
  • B01379 Wrong formatting of sematic field in scripts when deploying to Tabular endpoint
  • B01380 SSIS packages naming issue

Fixed in 18.6.3

  • B01383 Execute with send to execution queue will execute all regardless what is selected.
  • B01382 Differential deployment - AX/Nav incremental load problems

Fixed in 18.6.4

  • B01384 FTP SSIS package always uses default values for 'Use Passive Mode', 'Time Out' and 'Retries'
  • B01385 DateTable: Year is wrong on some dates when saturday and first 4 day week is set
  • B01388 External BU field delete - Mark dirty on datawarehouse table and delete TagRelation
  • B01389 Clean up wizard removes all sql table objects when a NAV table is in simple mode
  • B01390 Adding a Custom Table Insert and then a custom field afterwards messes up the UI

Fixed in 18.6.5

  • B01392 Cube browsing - Missing component

Fixed in 18.6.6

  • B01398 Grammar mistake in database cleanup wizard
  • B01399 Cube perspectives is not supported for SQL Standard Edition
  • B01402 Execute Olap cube fails when using table with raw fields and partition
  • B01411 Related Records - Add custom condition exception
  • B01412 Custom data import - issue with column names
  • B01414 Wrong validation of feature in Environment properties window when shown.

Fixed in 18.6.7

  • B01406 Default "Max Rows to Copy" too high on staging databases created from Environment Properties
  • B01420 Upgrading to 18.6.6 with local files keeps prompting for upgrade on startup

Fixed in 18.6.8

  • B01456 CData data source is not working in multiple environments
  • B01448 Differential deployment - same tables (ssis objects) always require deployment
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