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Release Notes for TX DWA 16.10.x

16.10.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation 


  • Deploy Apps to Qlik Sense Enterprise
  • Handling Circular References for Qlik
  • Add Custom Scripts to a Qlik Model
  • Add Custom Fiels to a Qlik Model
  • Support for Dynamics AX Public Cloud


  • Get a Deployment Status Report in PDF
  • Overhauled UI for Documentation
  • Improved Handling of Empty Fields for Text File Data Sources
  • Video Help Now Links to Onlien Training


  • Ftp task: TX crashing when trying to delete a FTP task
  • Invalid table settings: Empty tables right after execution
  • DateTable: FiscalYear is advanced 1 year ahead of normal year
  • TX Environment Error dialog spelling mistake
  • Resume Execution Issues
  • Relations added by constraint suggestions is added twice and in wrong location
  • Executing an external business unit error message missing
  • Remote Security Controller Optimization - Added resolve cache
  • Step null reference logging errors
  • Impact analysis on field not showing impact with usage in conditions
  • UI update error when drag-dropping a transformation from one field to another
  • Change to User Rights promt user several times about save/close
  • Cubes incremental loading issue
  • Wrong Editable Name for Adapter fields in Business Unit
  • Deploy/Execute Completed node color
  • Staging DW_Id cannot be mapped to DWH DW_Id from Data Movement Pane
  • Differential deployment additional NAV datasources
  • Join Condition Treating NVARCHAR as INT
  • Excel data field edit dialog looks strange
  • External business unit and "postfix valid tables" setting error
  • Executing external business unit errors
  • Olap KPIs can have empty names and names already in use
  • Checkpoints working incorrectly
  • Aggregate Table: Doesn't update datatype if changed due to synchronization
  • Tooltips dissappears too soon
  • Wrong display of time in deploy/execute dialog.
  • The object menu bar does not work in the qlik tree view
  • External business unit with pre/post script managed execution
  • Concatenate table support: Qualifying field names
  • Concatenate table support: Changing field names
  • New Execution Task: Update Qlik Data (QVD): Resume Execution
  • New Execution Task: Update Qlik Data (QVD): Managed Execution
  • Missing documentation items
  • External step failures do not pass on original error message
  • Data source name validation
  • TX DWA makes unnecessary connection to remote environments



  • Cannot deploy and execute OLAP Server with offline processing when having OLAP roles on the database.
  • Conditional lookup can use itself as join when using table relations.
  • Custom table insert: Unable to add unless two tables are present.
  • Execution package: Wrong cast can be made under certain circumstances.
  • Security roles: Unable to deploy role after deleting a fields from a table included in a security role.
  • Table insert: Command timeout not set on BulkCopy.



  • QLIK server Proxy authentication is not supported but is still an option
  • SUN adapter v4 - None ledger tables names is wrong
  • Dynamic Project Variable resolve every time error
  • Query table: CommandTimeout is not updated correctly
  • Junk dimension dialog issues
  • Documentation remove unused sections and Include Ext. SQL Connections
  • Project perspectives. Program terminated due to missing check if table is of type view or table
  • Possible protected project corruption
  • Remote Environment Deploy Full with Managed issue
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