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Release Notes for Discovery Hub 17.12.x

17.12.4 - Initial Release

Release Documentation

New features

  • Support for SQL Server 2017


  • Semantic Layer Tabular Endpoint: Date table, sort by, Azure, security roles
  • Set Code Page on Text File Data Sources


  • B01121 Indexes on the RAW table is not enabled after transfer
  • B01119 Misspelled execution package scheduler warning message
  • B01116 Customized code parameters will not persist a change to the Custom Name
  • B01113 Business unit table with a single quote in the name cannot be deployed
  • B01112 Text file data sources should create fields with unicode text data type
  • B01102 Simple mode table with batch data cleansing enabled creates invalid T-SQL
  • B01096 SSIS deploy - Staging database integrated security/SQL login mixup
  • B01091 Problem synchronizing AX adapter
  • B01088 Issue with auto generated to and from statements
  • B01086 Any source advanced schema option cannot change values through the buttons Table Schema, View Schema and Column Schema
  • B01084 Pre or post scripts will be removed from objects in a perspective when the perspective is deleted
  • B01070 Differential deployment on Tabular endpoint does not detect all changes
  • B01068 Deployment target and Database role drop option will be set to default when you re-enter the dialog
  • B01066 Geography data type problem in tabular endpoint
  • B01065 Add custom field can have empty names
  • B01060 Wrong tab order on Olap server dialog
  • B01059 Inconsistent available fields in selection rules for tables on data warehouse
  • B01057 Documentation - Settings font not applied to Copy Fields header
  • B01056 Add SQL server data source dialog issue
  • B00949 Date time formatter is not overriding regional separator values
  • B00869 Table settings freeze on edit
  • B00861 Renaming of field does not mark tables using the field in a join where a conditional lookup field using the join as modified
  • B00797 Custom Hash Field
  • B00763 Primary Keys are loaded from the source when table is full loaded.
  • B00741 Incremental load warning with customized SSIS package on data warehouse
  • B00703 Inconsistent removal of table prefix
  • B00691 Conditional Lookups can have sortings of the type None - These should be removed from the project
  • B00171 SQL text data type problem



  • B01127 Missing deployment target from SQL 2017
  • B01126 Cannot deploy to or list project repositories on SQL 2008 



  • B01152 Table menu in sub tree view window does not display all available menu items
  • B01151 Supernatural Keys and Custom hash fields break Custom Data insert order
  • B01150 Deploying dynamic perspective include OLAP steps without being selected
  • B01149 Better deploy validation on partition feature
  • B01148 Keep Errors and Warnings on adapter table issue
  • B01147 Execution Error Message from the Execute Queue
  • B01146 External BU - Synchronized tables with schema changes not saved
  • B01137 Synchronize source field - conditional lookup field join issue
  • B01136 AX Synchronize tables issue
  • B01135 Transformation - wrong SQL when using reverse sign
  • B01134 Execution queue wrong default package logging
  • B01131 Simple table mode deploy fails if script all objects is checked in deployment dialog
  • B01128 Bring back documentation choice for description



  • B01161 Views - table insert check on dynamic project perspectives issue
  • B01159 Application crash when using perspective
  • B01158 Data source multiple text file does not work properly when using a global database
  • B01156 Azure analysis service version 15
  • B01155 UI not displaying correct
  • B01141 Add DWH/BU dialog does not display setting for SSIS transfer correctly
  • B01139 Unexpected shutdown of TX when pressing <Ctrl+C> in errors or warnings tab
  • B01129 Duplication of transformations when data movement is loading



  • B01182 Synchronize AX adapter culture issue
  • B01175 Qlik: Deploying a published app causes an exception to be thrown



  • B00869 Table settings freeze on edit
  • B00964 Opening multiple environment transfer is too slow
  • B01067 UI: Inconsistencies on Semantic Endpoints
  • B01130 Import custom data field name issue
  • B01133 Fields are missing when using global databases on a semantic qlik model
  • B01138 Warning when comparing hash fields and supernatural keys with an incompatible data type length
  • B01142 Merging of conditional lookups with custom conditions
  • B01145 Problem with conditional lookups using custom fields with transformations containing other conditional lookups
  • B01153 Better description of how Simple mode table behaves when the data source is set to continue with data.
  • B01154 Missing lotus flower when changing table prefix
  • B01157 Qlik field selection dialog problems
  • B01160 Qlik model name not in sync with translation displayname
  • B01162 Lock-out problem with proxy settings
  • B01164 ADO.Net error
  • B01167 Missing TABLOCK on update of Key Store
  • B01194 Execution package - exclude olapserver with offline processing issue
  • B01197 Views should not have dependencies to data cleansing stored procedures
  • B01198 The "Find" dialog doesn't sort results
  • B01199 Semantic layer - Test Connection in Tabular Endpoint always successful
  • B01202 UI: Tab icons have wrong color depth
  • B01234 Semantic Qlik endpoint: QlikView QVD files script is wrong
  • B01238 Partition table on SQL version that doesn't support table partitioning results in error during index creation
  • B01239 Issue with modified tables for color blind people
  • B01242 Send to execution queue issue
  • B01248 Edit staging database and data warehouse does no set the SSIS Server value.
  • B01249 Remote SSIS Package Path Issue
  • B01251 Synchronize AX adapter culture issue - table names
  • B01253 Execution Package not cleaned up when deleting Semantic Model Objects
  • B01257 Drag and drop needs default action
  • F00315 Missing transformations on Supernatural key
  • F00345 Missing Case-insensitive supernatural keys and hash fields




  • B01256 History enabled table with reincarnation of data combined with SHA-2 512 Hashing causes error
  • B01258 Qlik scripts window doesn't show properly
  • B01259 Qlik Endpoint issue with hidden fields
  • B01260 Database name is not remembered in Tabular Endpoint dialog




  • B01269 Multiple environment cannot connect to versions before 17.12.9




  • B01283 Crash when clicking in un-synchronized NAV data source
  • B01282 SAP adapter - wrong syntax for the table filter when reading object from the database
  • B01279 Additional AX adapter - Loading primary keys from parent source
  • B01276 Go to Source table" for views not working




  • B01288 TXStringDateConverter fails with invalid date. (SQL 2005, 2008,2012,2014,2016,2017)
  • B01289 Project environment transfer does not refresh the project information for the destination environment.
  • B01290 Too many version of a project in remote environment will make the transfer available



  • B01300 Data Impact documentation - Field tracing generating huge collections of depending objects
  • B01302 Remote deployment fails silently if the project on the remote environment contains one or more tables marked as modified
  • B01305 Fields appears twice in the Warning/Error results table
  • B01306 Salesforce support for query all data only works on preview table



  • B01341 Selection Rule on a field in a Table Insert causes object null reference
  • B01353 Connection String Properties AX/Nav issue
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