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Release Notes for Discovery Hub 17.11.x

17.11.1 - Initial Release

Release Documentation 

New features

  • Data Tagging
  • Semantic Layer
  • New Visualization Possibilities with the Relation Diagram
  • Uniquely Identify Records with Durable Supernatural Keys
  • Support for Reading SQL Server Synonyms


  • More Customizable and Comprehensive Documentation
  • More Flexible Data Selection in the Data Warehouse
  • Push Execution to Queue and Skip the Waiting
  • Better Handling of Linked Servers
  • Batching on Data Transfer from Web Data Sources
  • Override Data Types on Aggregate Tables
  • Improvements to Data Extraction
  • Database Roles can be Reordered
  • Better Performance for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX Additional Data Sources
  • More Deployment Options on the Staging Database
  • Test Connection to Qlik Sense Enterprise Server


  • B01011 Documentation generation - Null reference
  • B01010 Application crash when changing perspective
  • B00988 GUI freeze on datasource delete
  • B00987 Collations drop-down lists consistent with the rest of the app
  • B00986 Transaction for history logic in data cleansing
  • B00982 Continue Without Data nav adapter issue
  • B00968 Synchronize datasource does not remove selectionrules on DW tables
  • B00960 Qlik server: Connecting to Azure SQL Server, the initial catalog to be in connection string
  • B00950 Crash (permanent freeze) when modifying the data selection tree options of a data source
  • B00928 Connection timeout on salesforce adapter
  • B00919 Cannot set connection string for global Any data sources
  • B00918 Command timeout is not loaded for Any Data Sources
  • B00917 Circular references between variables
  • B00910 Drag/drop raw only field from BU to DWH
  • B00906 Tabular endpoint table name with space problem
  • B00904 DW_SourceCode problem when datasource table contains (. period)
  • B00903 SMO command timeout not set
  • B00892 Cube writeback null reference error for row count measures on deploy
  • B00891 Adding a field to a table with a description makes the bold text go away (Until hitting F5)
  • B00878 Changing the order of Qlik model tables
  • B00877 Performance problem when checking circular references between Qlik tables
  • B00874 NAV primary key suggestion does not contain DW_Account (Automate)
  • B00862 Data cleansing - dynamic SQL string variables for rebuild indexes to be nvarchar(max)
  • B00858 Securable view : Creating regular view based on a securable view should not be possible
  • B00770 PDF Documentation - missing Qlik tables in the PDF menu



  • B01056 Add SQL server data source dialog issue
  • B01055 Supress Loading Environment when setting up the repository the first time
  • B01054 Error moving a field more than onece to a table in data warehouse
  • B01053 External business units included in Security Role software upgrade



  • B01079 Data linage issue on new custom table insert
  • B01078 Dynamic variable validation fails with key cannot be null
  • B01074 Rewrite code row count on sql server
  • B01073 Unable to changing order on execution packages with drag and drop
  • B01071 Offline processing of OLAP server can occasionally fail
  • B01062 Qlik Endpoint: Deployment says 100% even though deployment fails
  • B01060 Wrong tab order on OLAP server dialog
  • B01059 Inconsistent available fields in selection rules for tables on data warehouse
  • B01058 Resume execution with table inserts issue
  • B01057 Documentation - Settings font not applied to copy Fields header
  • B01056 Add SQL server data source dialog issue



  • B01083 Error when adding a DB2 global database
  • B01082 SAP adapter - Deploy of table SSIS packages fails
  • B01081 SAP adapter - wrong table filter syntax reading object from the database
  • B01080 SAP adapter no display columns in the source view when column caching is disabled
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