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Release Notes for TX DWA 17.8.x

17.8.0 - Initial Release

Release Documentation 

New features

  • Loading indicator of databases in drop-down lists
  • TX DWA repository upgrade in SQL Azure
  • Upgrade .net framework to 4.6.2
  • Add related records - handling DW_Source and DW_Batch
  • Production alert color schema
  • Reading primary keys from Dynamics NAV and AX
  • Automated Incremental Load on DWH Tables


  • UI Handling for template selections
  • UI handling for automaters when initializing and applying changes
  • Inserts with minimal logging
  • Easier Access to Repository Settings
  • Update Trial Flow for User Portal Integration
  • Query Table Additions


  • B00553 GUI frozen
  • B00699 The primary key deleted when table partitioning is enabled on history or incremental load table
  • B00718 Custom table icon does not show if history/incremental is enabled
  • B00744 Custom Table Insert doesn't mark the table dirty when changing the script
  • B00745 Concatenate qlik tables between sources is not possible
  • B00750 Global data warehouse have a blank option in the Direct Reads Option
  • B00760 Editing settings for a global data export and AX07 fails
  • B00771 History Data warehouse Table with incremental deploy issue
  • B00800 Scheduler creates wrong schedule jobs when using Daily with specific hours
  • B00804 Direct Read with Data Aggregations issue
  • B00813 Impact Analysis doesn't work through Lookup fields
  • B00817 NAV/AX doesn't clean up SQL Snippets properly when the entire table is deleted
  • B00820 Automater - Select field and tables: Cast exception
  • B00828 Execution Log Gantt Chart View very slow with larger projects
  • B00829 Query Table problems when using SSIS
  • B00830 Error when switching between environments in Security->SQL Server logins
  • B00833 Qlik Sense App spelling mistakes
  • B00834 Datamovement - Constraint exception, constrained to be unique
  • B00835 Issue with table partitioning and cubes on Analysis Services Standard Edition
  • B00837 Lookup field with date type deploy issue



  • B00843 Multi environments project perspective feature validation issue
  • B00845 AX adapter select all deselect all with grouping gives a object null exception
  • B00847 Multi environments managed perspective deployment issue



  • B00857 Error when doing environment transfer the first time on a project
  • B00856 Pressing the Details button when showing an error can crash the program
  • B00854 Data selection rules for aggregation tables on business unit issue
  • B00853 Wrong formatting of selection rule values in table inserts
  • B00852 Find unused fields error



  • B00873 Preview of incremental value on a none account table from NAV adapter
  • B00872 Drag'n drop of different object can give a wrong focus in the Main tree view
  • B00870 TX DWA does not have focus when started
  • B00868 Qlik Connection should be prefixed with the app name when creating an App
  • B00866 Repository Administration Tool / Execution Package Logs
  • B00865 Tracing added to more different objects
  • B00864 Managed execution dependecies resolving causing delay
  • B00863 Spelling correction in upgrade warning
  • B00860 Incremental load with soft/hard deletes will fail on NAV none account tables
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