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Release Notes for TX DWA 17.5.x

17.5.2 - Initial Release

Release Documentation 

New features

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Use SQL Azure for repository, data warehouse and staging databases
  • Direct read between data warehouse and staging databases
  • Support for Internet connection through proxy server
  • Feature deprecation


  • Better and faster conditional lookup fields
  • Configure the load date on history-enabled tables
  • More options for delete handling on history-enabled tables
  • Use type 0 fields on history-enabled tables
  • Better handling of null-value type II fields on history-enabled tables
  • Improvements to the Qlik modeler
  • Improvements to Qlik sense server integration
  • General usability improvements
  • Improvement to the AnySource adapter


  • Add/edit related records with fixed values not saved correctly
  • Aggregation errors on cube with hidden fields
  • Changes to default field values are ignored both in raw and valid tables
  • Data movement pane appears on lookup fields
  • DB2 data source does not support SQL Server 2016 when using SSIS for transfer
  • Default value constraints don't change names if tables or columns are renamed
  • Differential deployment on a single table causes version notes to pop up twice
  • Dropdown for selecting a repository can be slow with many databases on the server
  • Exception handling in the data cleansing stored procedure
  • External SQL connection with ADO transfer fails for data types money and smallmoney
  • GUI freezes when creating databases and saving project takes a long time
  • Impact analysis crashes with stack-overflow exception when conditional lookup fields has self-referencing condition.
  • Incremental load using soft/hard delete on a Dynamics AX & NAV tables causes issues when collations are different
  • OLAP security issue with inheritance on parent child dimensions on cubes
  • Partial deployment of the stage database not available
  • Qlik doesn't detect circular references
  • Reverse OLAP issues: Wrong validation and 'The given key is not present in the dictionary' error
  • Review differential deployment tasks causes exception for mapping table with no fields
  • Securable views uses the table's data source qualifier to qualify column names on business units instead of the qualifier for the staging database 
  • SSIS package command timeout is not set for the OLE DB destination (staging)
  • Unnecessary 'Row Number' calculation in data cleansing procedure



  • Changing data source option: 'Failing' does not mark the tables for as changed
  • Include in primary key jumps in the tree
  • The Save and Reload Project is not refreshing the project correctly
  • Editing field not working properly (F2)
  • Fix Deprecated Lookup Options sometimes fails
  • Edit Related Records dialog sometimes fails when opening
  • Problem deploying after upgrading from 14.5.8 to 17.5.2
  • Generating Documentation for External Business Unit



  • GUI Performance improvement for big projects
  • Wrong update of tree when using drag and drop
  • NAV native data type problem using SSIS
  • Edit Related Records dialog cleans all conditions on old source table on change
  • Plugin issue when Reload project is returned from a plugin



  • Delete of Users in a database role and in OLAP server roles will delete on No
  • Progress ODBC data source does not apply date out of range conversion for SSIS
  • AX/NAV - incremental load with soft delete - SSIS disabled issue
  • Nav/Ax fail datasource ignored issue
  • Multiple environment transfer and deployment perspective issue
  • Project Perspective: User defined functions and stored procedures naming are wrong
  • SQL Azure, problem with extended properties
  • Deploying securable column fails due to a UI error
  • Measure folder - F2 rename problem
  • Dragging data movement nodes to a field in a data warehouse selects wrong node
  • The "move down" command in the menu does not work anymore
  • UI not updating when adding a custom selection rule on a data warehouse table
  • Nav adapter multi environments transfer OverrideDataType issue
  • Adding all tables to hard deletes in the incremental selection wizard
  • Error when trying to remove adapter table from full load list in execution package
  • Execute table with conditional lookup from external SQL connection fails
  • Allow global sql database with more than 13 characters in the name
  • Corrected step count on execution package containing external step
  • UI crash execution steps dialog
  • Update of project tree when using drag & drop
  • Dynamic CRM - Global database - SSIS approach issue


New features

  • Easier selection of advanced "Schema Properties" in OLE DB and ADO data sources


  • AX adapter with Oracle datasource open project error
  • Edit data type on Hierarchy tables gives an error
  • Documentation field Copy issue
  • AX/NAV - Primary key table not created on simple mode incremental load
  • Incremental load with hard deletes on table with renamed fields
  • ODBC Connector additional properties
  • Query table with raw fields issue
  • Dynamic CRM synchronize float datatype issue
  • Drag and drop to switch node positions sometimes sets the scroll position to its bottom position
  • External SQL connection on DWH can cause object null reference
  • Advanced Dimension Editor (ADE) does not show any thing in version 17.5.



  • Replace Jet Metadata DLL - options handling
  • Full load objects on Execution Packages are faulty after an 'Save As'
  • Wait dialog does not close in all scenarios
  • Query Tool error when text in cells exceeds 32000 characters
  • Micorsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll should be loaded in version 2016 or later
  • Olap Access Control: Changing Role type to "Combined" fails with null reference exception
  • Loading tree for data sources with more than 10 000 tables fails



  • Database roles are not saved on add
  • Save as fails when having a project with invalid full load objects
  • Valid table recursive reference check still too slow
  • CAST in lookup joins when joining decimal columns 



  • B00810 AX/NAV has wrong destination table for primary key delete on additional adapters using ADO
  • B00808 SQL2008 not working with incremental load hard/soft deletes when using SSIS
  • B00807 AX/NAV - Soft/Hard deletes doesn't work after version 17.5.4
  • B00805 Ordering of conditional lookup fields
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