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Release Notes for TX DWA 17.1.x

17.1.0 - Initial Release

Release Documentation 

New features

  • Simple Mode
  • Easier Data Selection
  • Faster Incremental Load Setup
  • Automated Delete Handling on Incremental Load
  • Override Data Types
  • Reuse Data Source Selections
  • Set Database Schemas on the Data Source Level
  • Raw-only Fields
  • Use Qlik Code Snippets in Qlik Models
  • Clone a Qlik Model
  • Data Selection Rules on Tables in Qlik Models


  • Improved Snippet Management
  • Easier Application of Constraint Suggestions
  • Safer and Faster Hashing Algorithms
  • Object and Data Level Security on Stage
  • Highlighting Objects with a Description is Now Optional
  • Set Data Type Defaults for New Fields
  • A More Consistent Qlik Modeler GUI
  • Automatic Validation of Qlik Model Translations
  • More Qlik Sense Connection Options


  • Deploy dependency between a DWH table and a stage view
  • Data Source: Flat Sources - General Source Settings
  • Data Source: Flat Sources - ADO.net Boolean issue
  • Global Database Database Source DB2 - ForceCharacterSettingTo
  • Empty Conditional Lookup Field
  • Creating a conditional lookup field on a table with a view fails
  • Deselecting nav field dosen't cleanup view parameters
  • Incremental Load Table Differential Deployment
  • Date table: Wrong week/year can occur when using 4-day-week
  • Replace 'Interop.ADODB.dll' with 'adodb.dll'
  • ODBC DSN issue not using global databases
  • SQL Variant data type with computed columns
  • Qlik: Selectionrules on concatenated tables does not filter
  • Execution is not stopped if a SSIS package is cancelled outside TX DWA
  • Qlik Sense Servers stores passwords as plain text in the repository
  • Database renaming marked as dirty status issue
  • Tabel Model spelling error
  • Sorting order target-based inc load and history hash keys
  • AX/NAV change datasource checksum issue
  • Error when editing cube role
  • Clean up of changed Securable columns and views on bussiness unit
  • Selection rules on Qlik single tables
  • Increase column length for SingleTextFile in repository
  • Index on varchar(max) key column not allowed
  • Edit schedule cast OutOfMemoryException
  • QueryTable with spaces in name when Subquery needed is enabled
  • Execution Queue: Step can be disabled
  • Log Entry can become too long
  • Link table support: Incremental Tables and History Tables
  • Scheduler: Timezone differences causing problems
  • Empty error message deleting a "group by" in Edit Aggegate Table
  • Compression and partitioning not working with SQL Server 2016 SP1



  • Object security missing schema on field permissions
  • Database schema object security error on business units
  • Unable to edit sap adapter when using global database



  •  Load data in Salesforce error



  • Wrong TSQL when extracting meta data from DB2 including (Movex)
  • Creating or altering scheduler of type frequency does not work when hours or minutes is 0
  • Unable to deploy database roles after upgrading to version 17.x.x
  • Data Selection Rules and Differential Deployment on NAV/AX
  • Deleting data field on data warehouse table does not cleanup data movement



  • Repository connection gets reset when reset is not necessary


For really big data sources, it can take a very long time to load all available tables and fields into TX DWA for selection. If you know beforehand that you do not need some of the schemas, object types or specific objects in the data source, we have added an option to filter them out before you read the objects into the data selection pane in TX DWA. This data extraction filter not only saves you time when reading objects, it also gives you a better overview of the content “left” in the source. The data extraction filter is available on SQL Server and Oracle Database data sources and adapters that use these data sources.


  • Custom SSIS package name fails for query tables on Ado and OleDb anysources
  • Qlik Sense Desktop version 3.2 support
  • Add/Edit Table inserts with fixed values
  • AX adapter with company exclude without any companies
  • Differential Deployment after upgrade from older TX DWA versions
  • Performance on Data Selection for very large Data Sources
  • Performance with new hashing algorithms
  • Reverse OLAP support SQL2016
  • Object Dependencies not updated when data source is deleted
  • Snippets: Still called 'Add Business function' on the OLAP side
  • Wrong removal of join field when selecting Raw-Only on a field
  • Delete query table on data source dialog sets removed wrong properties
  • Security permissions is not cleaned up
  • QueryTables does not work on AX adapters
  • Deleting data field on data warehouse table does not cleanup data movement
  • ODBC global datasource settings for text length and Number of numeric decimals



  • Performance on Data Selection for very large Data Sources - Sun Adapter



  • Data Lineage Issue on Table Insert
  • Deploy and execute with pre/post scripts issue
  • NAV Stored Procedure for moving data into TEMP is called if it should not be called
  • Find unused fields picking up too many objects
  • Edit Related Records issue
  • Link table support bug
  • Deleting data field on data warehouse table does not cleanup data movement



  • Cleanup schema settings on datasource issue
  • NAV SQL timestamp data type has invalid value format in source select
  • Data Lineage Issue on Table Insert



  • AX adapter none account dependent query table with incremental load using SSIS for transfer
  • QueryTables on AX/Nav issue
  • incremental datetime value is formatted wrong against sql data source
  • Incremental deletes does not work on Salesforce and CRM
  • AX7 Odata synchronization error
  • Qlik: Execution to server sometime hangs
  • Remote Managed Full Deployment is not working



  • Unexpected behavior of conditions based on system fields
  • CRM incremental loading with Hard Deletes issue
  • No fields displayed when adding a table insert based on a view
  • Simple mode table with SSIS and differential deployment issue
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